What cities were involved in the Arkansas oil boom?

The first well to be drilled in the state of Arkansas was nearStephens in Ouachita County in southwest Arkansas in 1920. This well produced little oil and was of no commercial value.
The Busey No. 1 blew in near El Dorado in Union County in 1921. This was the beginning of the oil boom in Arkansas.
In 1922 The Umsted well near Smackover blew in and begin the first major oil producing oil field. The little town of Smackover grew from a hamlet of about 100 people of over 25,000 people. Because of a lack of conservation laws in Arkansas at the time thousands of gallons of oil was wasted due to a lack of control of the oil wells. By the 1930's the "oil boom" was practically over. Oil production continued steadily, but would never equal that of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
Another "boom" emerged again in the 1930's when oil was discovered near Magnolia, in Columbia county.

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