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In the first phase, a coalition of cities in southern Greece led by Sparta, including Athens, Megara, Philius,Sicyon, Corinth, Tegea, Epidaurus, Orchomenus, Anactarion, Plataea, Eretria, Aegina, Mycenae, Ambracia, Chalcis, Hermione, Potidaea, Cephalonia, Lepraeum.

In the second phase about 180 mostly Asiatic Greek cities led by Athens.

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Did Greece win the Persian War?

yes they did

What is the name of the war between Persia and Greece?

Persian War.

Which war led to the golden age in Greece?

The Persian Wars. There were actually two. The first war, in 490, was an invasion of Greece led by the Persian King Darius. It culminated in Athenian victory at the Battle of Marathon. The second war involved the Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis. It was another Persian invasion, this time led by Darius' son Xerxes, from 480-79.

Who was the first Persian king to invade Greece during Persian war?

Xerxes I.

Who recorded the Persian War in ancient Greece?


When did Greece win the Persian war?

449 BCE.

When did the Persian War in Greece begin?

499 BCE

How many Persian people defeated Greece in the Persian war in 480?

Persia lost.

Did US the win Persian war?

NO! The Persian war was ancient Greece vs the Persians USA didnt even exist then.

A soldier ran from Marathon to Greece to share the outcome of what war?

The Persian War

What Persian war did the Spartans fight?

The Persian invasion of peninsular Greece 480-479 BCE.

Why was the Persian war against Greece important?

The outcome set a limit to Persian expansion to the west.

What battle was part of the second persian war?

The battle for Greece.

When did the first Persian war in Greece Start?

Historians today think the 1st Persian war started around 490 BC.

What civilization was involved in the Persian War?

The Persian Empire and the eastern Greek city-states.

What is the site of the Persian war?

Greece. There were two Persian Wars. The First Persian War in 490 BC had only one major battle (Marathon). The Second Persian War in 480-479 BC had three major battles (Thermopylae, Salamis, Plataea). Salamis was a sea battle. The sites can be found on a map of ancient Greece, and possibly even on a map of modern Greece.

When did America get involved in the Persian gulf war?

it was 2004

Was Greece involve in World War 1?

Greece was not involved, but Europe was.

What war led to the end of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece?

The Persian War led to the beginning of the Golden Age of Greece and the Peloponnesian War led to the end of the Golden Age of Greece

Where did the Persian War happen?

In Asia Minor, mainland Greece and the Islands.

In anchient Greece When was the Persian war fought?

499-449 BCE.

What did the Persia attack Greece withduring the Persian war?

A fleet and an army.

When did Greece defeats Persia in the Persian war?

490-449 bce.

Who won the war Persian and Greece?

A confederation of Greek city-states.

Who conquer Greece in the second invasion during the Persian war?

No one.

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