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According to Allstate data, the city in the US with the highest accident rate is Washington, D.C. Second highest is Baltimore. Third highest is Glendale, CA.

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Q: What city has the most car accidents?
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On what day do most car accidents happen?

Most fatal car accidents happen on a Saturday.

Which state has the most car accidents?

Pennsylvania has the most car accidents! It's kind of hard to believe, but...

How do most car accidents happen?

Most car accidents happen because people are careless. People also do things while they are driving that cause accidents, such as using cell phones, texting and eating.

Can you give me the percentage of fatal highway car accidents vs fatal inner city street accidents?


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Accidents due to drunk and drive?

Yes it is one of the most frequent reasons of car accidents.

What type of variable is the number of car accidents reported in your city?

Depends, if you're looking for the raw score then you have a continuous ordinal variable. If you have range of number of car accidents, then you have an interval variable.

Where do most city accidents occur?

at intersections

Where do most pedestrian accidents occur?


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the weekend.

What kills the most children in America?

Car accidents.

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What are some car accident statistics?

In 2009, there were 10,8 car accidents in the United States. From the accidents in 2009, 35,900 people died. Most accidents occur within 25 miles of the person's home.

What city in California has the highest rate in car accidents?


Where in Chicago is the intersection one is most likely to be involved in a car accident?

In Chicago car accidents are most likely to occur on the extremely busy intersection of Adams street and State street. This is because it is one of the most populated intersections in the entire city and indeed the state.

Private parking lot car accidents?

There are a great many different private parking lot car accidents. This is the most common type of accident in fact.