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What classes need to be taken to become a general surgeon?

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In school one should take Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Health Science. Once schooling is over you join the Medical School for about 6 years, and then train as a General Surgeon by doing Residency and Fellowship which will take another 7 years to complete the training

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What high school classes should be taken to become a surgeon?

Biology and Chemistry

What college classes must be taken to become a gynecologist?

Math and science

What classes need to be taken in order to become a n.c.i.s. agent?

You just need a bachalaurreate degree, no specific classes are needed

What classes are needed to be taken in high school to become a vet?

science, math and physics.

What courses should be taken to become a psychiatrist?

It depends on what classes your local university offers. Talk to a counselor at the university you want to take the classes at.

What classes are required to be taken in collage to become a physical therapist?

get your spelling down first i reckon

How to become a caregiver to the elderly?

There are special traing classes that need too be taken in order too become a home healthcare professional. THe classes are similar too those that a CNA or nurse would take.

What classes should be taken in college to become a teacher?

SUU (Southern Utah University in cedar city)

What are social work classes exactly?

Social work classes are classes taken by students aspiring to become a social worker. They deal with various situations. Most colleges have a social work program.

What math classes need to be taken to become a paleonologist?

take as many advanced math classes in high school, You also need math through calculus

Where can video production classes be taken?

Video production classes can be taken online or on a collage campus. There are classes offered at media based schools. The classes are taken by many actors and actresses in hollywood.

how long do you have to go to school to become a cna AND what classes are you supposed to have already taken before going into cna school ?

You do not have to have any education prior to entering the CNA classes!

What courses taken outside of a major and beyond the general education requirement are called?

These classes are referred to as electives.

What level must you achieve to become a pediatrician?

You only have to have taken all your classes and go through Medical School

Can you work in occupational therapy having only taken 2 years worth of courses?

Becoming an occupational therapist requires you to have certain amount of classes taken and completed and it is different in many states but most states would want you to have at least 4 years of classes completed. But you can become an assistant with 2 years worth of classes but it depends on how fast you complete your classes and how many you have taken.

What kind of courses can help you become a criminal attorney?

Courses dealing with law will be beneficial in becoming an attorney. A four-year degree undergraduate degree is required to become a criminal lawyer. Three years of law school will be required as well, then the bar exam will have to be taken. There are many general education classes that will needed to be taken, and a course in criminal law will be useful.

How do I become a First Aid instructor?

There are many different certified training classes. These classes though cannot be taken online. You have to contact the Red Cross in order to undergo these categories.

What classes should be taken in high school in order to be a premed?

Premeds are required to take all science courses in college so be sure to take an AP chem or bio course. In general, all biology, chemistry and physics classes should be taken.

What classes should be taken while trying to become a writer?

English classes. Get your Associates/Bachelors in English then your masters in Creative Writing. There are also Creative Writing courses for doctorates too.

What classes should be taken in college to become a secretary to a US ambassador?

History, political science, sociology, business, to name a few.

Is your appendix taken out with hysterectomy?

Not usually but you could ask your surgeon.

How are tonsils taken out?

A surgeon cuts them out while you are under anesthesia.

What are some high school classes you need to take to become a lawyer?

The classes taken in high school to not matter. The classes you take in college really don't matter that much either. You just need to get into law school where you get your legal education.

What classes should be taken in college to become a vet. assistant?

chemistry, chemistry labs, trig, environmental classes, and lots of math and science. You will have at least 8 years in college to be a vet.

How can I help relieve leg pains?

Social work classes are classes taken by students aspiring to become a social worker. They deal with various situations. Most colleges have a social work program.

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