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What classes should you take in college if you are interested in literature and journalism?


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The university of Phoenix is a good college to go to if you are interested in a career in journalism

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A college that has a school of journalism offers special classes and opportunities for students who want to report news or write professionally in other ways. They will be able to graduate with a degree in journalism from that college, rather than with just a major in journalism from another school.

It depends on which community college you are interested in. These days, many community colleges offer online classes. Check with the community college that you are interested in attending to find out if they offer online classes.

English, English Literature, Journalism, Creative Writing, Art History/Appreciation, Computer User Applications, Graphic Art.

Depends college to college. You can check with the oncology departments at colleges you are interested in for a complete list of classes. Good luck!

You would need to take journalism classes in high school, or if you are in college, major in journalism in order to learn the tasks, and have the education required by television employers.

She attended classes in literature and art at UCLA in 1951

University of journalism in FloridaUniversity of journalism in Florida

There are some universities which let you credit your online college classes. All you have to do is visit the university you are interested in attending to and ask for information's.

You will need General Education at the JC level - with an emphasis in English and Communication (written and oral).

One does not need a college degree to get a journalism job. Their are many people who have journalism jobs without a college degree. Most journalism jobs require a degree but not all.

Philip Merrill College of Journalism was created in 1945.

Patrick John Morrissey has written: 'A theory of the student literary magazine' -- subject(s): College Journalism, College student newspapers and periodicals, Elementary school Journalism, High school Journalism, Journalism, College, Journalism, Elementary school, Journalism, High school, Journalism, Junior high school, Journalism, School, Junior high school Journalism, School Journalism

If you are interested in business retail, college is not required. If you are interested in business management, it is wise to take a lot of different business courses like marketing and economics as well as management classes.

Marilyn Monroe attended classes in literature and art at UCLA in 1951. Marilyn Manson attended Broward Community College in 1990, studying journalism. Both Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Manson were highly intelligent in their own way.

Yes!! We know someone who is taking classes from there and is LOVING it!!!

Typically, this program does not require a higher level math. In many cases, a college algebra and statistics will be required.

To get an Associate's Degree from a community college, most of your classes will be the "core curriculum". At the community college I attend, you must take College Algebra, English I, English II, Literature, 2 Science classes, 2 History classes, Political Science, Speech, Economics, and electives.

Erin Burnett attended college at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where she completed her journalism degree. She is now a successful journalism.

John Steinbeck did NOT graduate from college because he thought that it was pretentious and a waste of time. he did however GO to college and enjoyed his English and literature classes. hope this helped

There are many classes to take and many places to take them at. If you're interested all you need to do is find a local college or website for a college that includes that class. Then find out all the information on taking the course.

Journalism is a college course.

The general rule is that you capitalise only proper nouns. You do not capitalise "literature" unless the context requires it. For example: I am taking English Literature in my first year of college. I don't really like literature, but I need to fulfill my English credits. There were no other literature classes that appealed to me except English Literature.

Any college catalog - or better yet, a chat with a college counselor - will outline for you the basic courses necessary to graduate with a degree in journalism.

Consumnes River College is a college of about 15,000 students located in South Sacramento County in California. They offer a wide variety of classes, such as Accounting, Social Sciences, Architecture, Journalism, Biology, Economics, Construction, Business, Engineering, Philosophy, Humanities, Psychology, Theater Arts, and much more.

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