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To become a nurse, you need to study nursing in a community college or four-year university. Studying Biology and chemistry in high school will help you prepare for your nursing classes in college.

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Q: What classes should you take in high school to become a nurse?
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After high school what classes should you take to become a pediatric nurse?

Consider nursing school for a start.

How long does it take to become a perinatal nurse?

To become a perinatal nurse, you should expect to be in school for 8 years. This can change a bit depending on what classes you decide to take.

What high school classes should you take to become a registerd nurse?

Every science course offered.

What classes should you consider in high school to become a neonatal nurse?

Take every science course that you can sneak in.

Can a nurse practitioner become a doctor?

A nurse can enter a Medical School, take the same classes as medical students, and become a Physician.

What classes should i take in high school to prepare to be a nurse?

All the baby classes!

Are there classes to become a pediatric nurse at Princeton University?

Princeton University does not have a Medical School or a Nursing School.

I don't have diploma or GED can I become a nurse?

no you need to have a high school diploma or GED to go to nurse training classes

What should you study in high school or college if you want to become a pediatric nurse?

You would need to take the prerequisite classes necessary to become a registered nurse, which include a lot of science classes, psychology, humanities, etc. When you receive your nursing degree you are then qualified to sit for the licensing exam, and will be able to then specialize in pediatric nursing.

What should you do to become a nurse?

Well, to become a nurse, you have go through elementary, middle, and high school. Then, you can plan to attend a college or university and attend that college or university then you will be able to become a nurse. Of course, however, when your middle and high school, you must: 1.) have perfect attendance 2.) never be truant 3.) behave yourself & 4.) continuously get good grades in all of your subjects (classes).

What math classes should a nurse take?

what math classes are required in college for a nurse what math classes are required in college for a nurse

How long after high school does it take to become a Registered Nurse?

An associate's degree in nursing can be earned in two years of full time classes. Two years after high school a graduate can be a registered nurse.

What class should I take to become a paramedic?

If you are still in high school there aren't many classes that apply. Some schools have classes for nurse assistants that could apply. You will need your math and science classes. Most EMTs get training through fire departments or with a community college coursework.

What kind of classes do you need to take in high school to help become a nurse practitoner?

you need to pass science and mathematics.

What are the best schools to take classes to become a nurse?

The best place to take nursing classes is in a University or medical school. Look for a high ranking university or medical school offering a nursing class that you are interested in.

What should you study in high school to become a nurse?

Whatever the nursing school you want to attend says you should study.

Why should one become a nurse?

Someone should become a nurse because they want to. Nobody should become a nurse if they do not want to.

What are some high school courses to become a nurse?

Take chemistry, physics, and biology and as many math classes as your school has. Do some volunteer work at a nearby hospital.

Do you need to go to medical school to become a neonatal nurse?

No, you go to nursing school to become a nurse.

What should you study in high school if you want to become a children's nurse?

I'm a pediatric nurse. it depends on what classes are offered in high school and what state you live in and what their requirements are in order to get a college degree in nursing. generally, biology & chemistry classes, sociology, psychology, anatomy & physiology 1&2, medical terminology is a good class to take to understand medical terms with the prefix's and suffix's

What classes to take in high school to be a nurse?

math ,

What do you need to do in seveth grade to become a nurse?

Work hard in school. Take as many science classes you can. Nursing school is hard, the best thing you can do is learn how to work hard now in school now.

What are the best classes to take in high school if you are planning to become a registered nurse?

Science, biology, anatomy, anything like that. Also do well in Math.

Where are good schools to go to to become a nurse?

what school do you go to become a nurse

What class do you have to take to become a nurse?

A lot of science classes