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they wore Katy Perry and Lady Gaga style clothing in a crossover..............................................................


just kidding they wore this:hats and simple cotton dresses

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Q: What clothes did women wear in the 1920s?
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What kind of clothes people wear in Nigeria?

men wear formal clothes and women wear dresses in nigeria.

During the 1920s women expressed their newfound freedom by wearing?

Shorter clothes

What did apache women wear?

The Apache women wear fashional people, they like to wear matching clothes.

Why do women wear whisper?

when women have their periods, women wear whisper to stop the blood from staining their clothes.

What clothes do women wear in Mumbai?

the women in Mumbai wear saris and Punjabi dresses

What do Tahitian women wear?


What did the women in the lower classes wear?

they wear silk clothes.

What kind of clothes did the iraqois Indians wear?

the kids dont wear clothes the men and women wear deer skin

What did the iroquis men women and children wear?

the not wear the same clothes we wear now the us to make the clothes from anmalis

What is Dada French for?

What did women wear to expressed their newfound freedom in 1920s

What exactly is a Chinese cheongsam?

A Chinese cheongsam sell chinese clothes. These clothes include women's accessories, women's ancient costumes, women's footwear, women's wedding wear and men's wear.

What type of clothing did women wear in 1942?

Casablanca party- clothes a women would wear.

What clothes do Belgian women wear?

No clothes at all......LIKE A BOSS

How do you crossdress secretly?

You wear women's clothes underneath your "men's clothes."

How did the 1920s impact today's society?

Short haircuts for women, which came into fashion in the 1920s, remain popular today. Since the 1920s, it has always been socially acceptable for women to wear skirts that do not reach their ankles.

What can the Islam can not wear?

In Islam- Muslims are to wear suitable clothes, Men and Women alike. Women should not wear revealing clothes as it allows Men to approach, attack, or discriminate against them.

What did 19th century women wear?


What do Chinese men and women wear?


What did women wear in New France?

hey wear clothes like we do

What clothes do Dubai people wear?

Women in Dubai wear abbayas

What kind of clothes did women wear in the 1960's?

what clothes did they were in the 1960's

What clothes do men and women wear in the amazon?

Probably not what you think! Modern clothes.

Do the Muslims women wear panties?

Yes. Most Muslim women wear panties. Like Westerner Women, most Muslim women wear their panties beneath their clothes.

What type of clothes did women wear in the mohawk tribe wear?

they wore deer skin clothes and men wore the same

What clothes does hindus wear at Diwali time?

Hindus wear ethnic clothes. Men wear kurta pajama, sherwani and women wear suits , sarees .