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Q: What clothes does men wear in Dubai?
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What clothes do Dubai people wear?

Women in Dubai wear abbayas

What clothes did men usually wear Egypt?


What do police men wear?

they wear clothes

What types of clothes do bisexual men wear?

The same types of clothes that heterosexual and homosexual men wear. Clothing is not a bellweather for sexuality.

What clothes did a highway men wear?

They wear ragged clothes, or nothing. Kidding, but they probably wear ragged clothes, or wear many layers.

Why did Cleopatra wear men clothes?

There is no record of Cleopatra ever wearing men's clothes.

What kind of clothes people wear in Nigeria?

men wear formal clothes and women wear dresses in nigeria.

What kind of clothes did the iraqois Indians wear?

the kids dont wear clothes the men and women wear deer skin

What Clothes that Maasai tribes wear?

the maasai wear beaded clothes big necklaces and the men wear long skirts

What did the iroquis men women and children wear?

the not wear the same clothes we wear now the us to make the clothes from anmalis

What can the Islam can not wear?

In Islam- Muslims are to wear suitable clothes, Men and Women alike. Women should not wear revealing clothes as it allows Men to approach, attack, or discriminate against them.

What do men in Bahamas wear?

the wear cool clothes with my face on it ..

What do Hawaiian men wear?

Clothes that are quite similar to what men wear in Peoria, Waco or Tampa.

What type of clothes do Pakistani men and boys wear?

Pakistani men and boys wear panjabees.

What did men and women wear in the time of Jesus?

Men and women would wear clothes during Jesus time.

How do you crossdress secretly?

You wear women's clothes underneath your "men's clothes."

What clothing did they wear in the Olympics?

they did not wear any clothes but oil (men). well that was in the ancient Olympics not this modern Olympics. today they wear clothes.

What clothes do men and women wear in the amazon?

Probably not what you think! Modern clothes.

What did British men wear in WW1?


What did men wear in the 1840s in Ireland?


What did men wear in the 60's?


What did men wear in shakespeare times?


What do men wear in Holland?

normal clothes

What did old men wear in the 1950'?


What did the men wear in the thirteen colonies?