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Could be a lot of things. Ingrown hair, cyst, boil, go to a doctor or clinic and find out.

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What could a large swollen knot under the skin below the chin be?

a goiter

Your dog has a large swollen nodule under his ear?

You go to the vet asap.

What could be the cause of swollen glands in neck and under the arms?

The cause of swollen glands in the neck and under the arms might be due the affected lymphnodes. The swelling of the neck can also occur when there is overworking of thyroid galnd ending in goitre.

What could be the cause of a tender or sore lump in your neck under your ear?

The cause of a tender or sore lump on your neck under your ear would be a swollen lymph node. A doctor can do tests and let you know why the lymph node is swollen.

Can stress cause genital herpes?

Genital herpes is caused by a virus. Stress can increase the likelihood of an outbreak once a person has genital herpes, as stress affect the immune system which normally works to keep the herpes virus under control.

Can a Black fly bite cause swollen lymph nodes?

Black flies can carry certain types of bacteria that cause infections, and the infections can in turn cause swollen lymph nodes. I've had times I've been bitten and ended up feeling a little under the weather and had swollen lymph nodes. In short, yes!

Swollen neck under ear red tender?

If your neck is swollen and under your ears are red and tender, you may have swollen glands. Swollen glands are a result of an enlargement of the lymph nodes.

What organs are under the waist?

genital organs

When you eat the area under your ear and under your jaw becomes swollen sometimes it becomes very large?

Sounds like you have a blocked salivary gland. See your health care provider.

Will you get under arm hair before genital hair?

First will come genital hair and under arm hair,shortly followed by facial and chest hair.

What causes swollen lymph nodes under chin?

Some of the more common things that can cause swollen lymph nodes include strep throat, measles, ear infections, and HIV. There are some uncommon infections like tuberculosis and syphilis.

Swollen mouth and a high fever and a headache?

Hi im Jonathan and i think the cause of this is Possibly Strep throat , i have a headache Swollen Gums under my tongue and the roof of my mouth ! and im going 2 see a doc in a little bit here

What are the hernia symptoms and where can I learn more about it?

Some symptoms of hernia that occur are small chunks under the skin. It can also lead to swollen, larger lumps, which in turn cause more pain. It can also cause an ache.

What do you do if your dog's face is swollen under their eye?

take it to a vet.

Why is my head soft after banging it?

This tissues under the skin are swollen.

Under no circumstances by swollen or leaking cans The food in a swollen or leaking can is dangerous to eat or even to taste what is the most effective combination of the following group of words?

since the food in a swollen can

What could cause severe pain under my left bicep?

A muscle strain or an entrapped brachioradialis nerve. A swollen lymph node. Many thing, actually. See a doctor.

What is swollen fatty tissue under right jaw?

This would be the lymph nodes. If these begin to become swollen, it can often be a sign of a serious health issue.

Why do i have Pain redness swollen under left eye?

your getting pink eye

How can you tell if a cat is male or female if it is neutered?

look at the distance between the anus and the genital opening, both situated under the tail. also the shape of the genital opening can help you tell the sex. the anus is directly under the tail and the genital opening is below this. if it is female the anus and genital opening will be close to each other and the genital opening will be slit like as it is a vulva. if it is male the anus will be a short distance away from the genital opening, as the testicles (if present) would sit externally in the scrotum between the anus and genital opening. also in a male the genital opening will be a tiny round hole from which a penis can be extruded (by a person qualified to do so). if not sure ask the vet to check next time your cat visits for a check up!

What are the red swollen bumps under eyes?

have you been bitten by a insect wealsi have glands all over our face could possibly be a swollen gland do you feel under the weather or is you whole face swelling if so consult you gp.

What would cause a clunking sound under the car after you accelerate and then let off the gas?

"Under the car" covers a large area. Directly under the driver's seat you find the universal joints.

Can extreme physical training cause swollen glands?

Id like to know this answer as well. I am a physique competitor who lifts heavy 5x week and on season cardio up to 11x week. I have developed swollen glands (tinier than a pea) on my side under my armpit and the back of my next - both on the right side.

What would be the cause of a rash of tiny bright red spots under the skin that are not raised or itchy and appeared over night?

no itch no puss no swollen seem you just got a bug bed bite

Can you get genital herpes from sharing a razor?

You can get genital herpes from sharing a razor under certain unlikely circumstances. You have to use the razor immediately after the infected person used it on the area infected by the virus.