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Actually, it may take NO college courses to become a CEO, but...

Becoming the CEO of a major corporation almost always requires at least some sort of Business degree (Masters preferably).

However, business (important), marketing, accounting, law, psychology, philosophy, ethics, history and sociology can provide knowledge of how to succeed in the corporate world.

Knowledge of, and the effective use of, English & other communication methods are quintessential skills for any CEO.

It helps a lot to have a college degree such as an MBA, but becoming a CEO depends upon a great many factors in addition to(or in exclusion of)a college education.

Corporate CEO's are analogous to athletic coaches. Their success against the competition depends upon:

1) Their personal theory of success;

2) Their ability to communicate that theory to others;

3) Their ability to delegate responsibility to the personnel selected to implement that theory;

4) Their ability to amend their theory when necessary;

5) Luck. Good or bad, luck always plays its role:

"The best-laid schemes o' mice and men gang aft agley.(Robert Burns)"

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Q: What college courses does it take to eventually become the CEO of a major corporation?
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