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What colleges accept nation high school diploma?


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I can say that at least my local community college accepts nation high school diploma. I paid my daughter to finish her high school she opted for nation high school. She is now taking classes at local community college. I was worried about paying for an online school so I asked around and found that high school diplomas from accredited schools get accepted by colleges and employers. This nation high school is accredited so that's how my daughter got into community college. It is not much but I hope she continues to better herself.


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Private schools need to be accredited to issue a high school diploma. A school with accreditation can reward a high school diploma. Colleges accept high school diplomas if they are issued by an accredited school. Nation high school is accredited so most colleges should accept their diploma. However, your admission to a college does not depend on your high school diploma alone. Colleges consider several other things before granting you admission.

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Community colleges do accept high school diplomas from an accredited school. I know that because I paid for my daughter's high school education at this nation school and since you mentioned community college, I wanted to tell you that my daughter is studying at community college now she got accepted easily. which college did she get accepted to ?

PennFord High School is accredited through NABAE, so most colleges and universities should accept a high school diploma from them. However, if you aren't sure, I would suggest looking at your top three to five colleges and ask their admissions personnel if a high school diploma from PennFord would be acceptable.

In most cases a US diploma will be accepted by Canadian colleges.

Your high school diploma is not a guarantee to get into any college. Colleges have their own selection criteria. If it is a private school with accredited diploma then yes all colleges accept such diplomas.

About 95% of colleges accept GED's the same as a high school diploma. Highly selective Universities (for example, Ivy League Universities) are more likely to not accept a GED.

Emirtaes aviation college do accept pennford hihg school diplom

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if i misplaced my diploma i got from midwest how much i have to pay to get another one

All colleges will except any highschool diploma, long as it is acredited and you pass the SAT too.

Yes! Several community colleges accept diplomas from this school.

Colleges and universities do accept accredited diplomas however the acceptance of this diploma in your application is just the acceptance of your application for review, having a school diploma is not a guarantee of admission into any college or university, whether it is woodfield or anyother school.

None Ive tried applying at every school and they say its not accredited

Georgia colleges that accept a GED instead of a high school diploma include Georgia Highlands College, Waycross College, Gwinnett College. Most technical colleges and community colleges will work with a GED.

Answer 1: Penn-Foster High School is "regionally" accredited. Therefore, any and all colleges and universities in the US will happily accept its high school diploma, just exactly the same as if you had obtained the diploma from your local regionally-accredited neighborhood high school."Regional" accreditation, by an agency approved by the US Department of Education (USDE) (which is the kind of accreditation which both Penn-Foster High School, and your local neighborhood high school, have) ensures that alll colleges will view both high school diplomas exactly the same... and will accept either, equally.

Yeah they are accredited through the Nation Home School Accreditation of America (NHSAA). The NHSAA is one of the largest organizations that accredits home schools ad private schools across the country. All public colleges recognized this accreditation and will accept a diploma accredited through the NHSAA. HOWEVER, some colleges require "Regional Accreditation" and will not accept your diploma. Please be careful when selecting an online high school diploma. If you plan on getting your high school diploma online, check with your prospective colleges to make sure they will accept it. Many college applicants end up spending hundreds of dollars then have to also spend additional money to take the GED. Just becuase a high school or college states, "we are accredited" does not mean they have the right accreditation.

As far as I'm concerned their isn't any college that accepts Nation High School Diploma... :( I'm having a very hard time getting in to college for this same reason.

Typically, many colleges require an evaluation of the documentation by an official evaluation agency within the US. If the agency indicates the diploma is equivalent to that of a US high school diploma, then yes they will accept it. There are some colleges that will do the evaluation themselves. You should check with the schools you have an interest in. The Admissions Office at each institution should be able to help you.In most cases, yes.

I graduated from cosmopolitan prep school in 1996 and my diploma is not accredited by the state what colleges will take this diploma?

You need to have completed high school. Some colleges will accept a GED.You need to have completed high school. Some colleges will accept a GED.You need to have completed high school. Some colleges will accept a GED.You need to have completed high school. Some colleges will accept a GED.You need to have completed high school. Some colleges will accept a GED.You need to have completed high school. Some colleges will accept a GED.

Accredited high school diplomas are accepted in all colleges across the country no matter which zipcode you live in.

Many colleges, particularly community colleges offer High School completion programs or GEDs. Most 4 year colleges do not offer High School Diploma programs.

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