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Q: What color in the color spectrum has the greatest amount of energy?
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What color of light has the greatest amount of energy?


Which visible color has the least amount of energy?

The colors of the spectrum going from lowest energy to highest energy are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

Which color light has maximum energy?

The amount of energy is directly proportional to the frequency of the light. Since violet has the greatest frequency, it also has the maximum energy and red has the least.

In the visible spectrum which color of light has the most energy?

Violet (purple) is the highest energy color in the visible spectrum. It has a wavelength of about 400nm (4x10-8m), the lowest of all visible light.

What color of the visible light spectrum has the highest energy?

Violet light has the highest energy.

How does the color of the light bulbs determine the amount of energy of the electromagnetic waves?

The "color" is really a wavelength. The electromagnetic spectrum determines this, every different wavelength has a corresponding color. Red being the longest, and violet being the shortest. This electromagnetic spectrum also determines whether it is visible, ultraviolet, infrared, and so on.

Which color of lights is next to blue in the spectrum and has more energy?


Why red is the most visible color?

The color red is the longest wavelength in the visible light spectrum because the less energy a wave carries the longer the wavelength and red carries the least energy of all the colors in the visible spectrum

Which color in the visible spectrum causes the least amount of plant growth?


Which color of light in the visible spectrum has the highest energy?

Photons with higher energy correspond to electromagnetic radiation with higher frequency/shorter wavelength. In the visible band, the color with the highest frequency is the last one you can see on the VIOLET end of the spectrum.

What color of light has the lowest wavelength?

I suspect you mean the color with respect to light. If this is the case then red light has the lowest energy of the visible spectrum. Of course visible light is just a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, for example, infrared light has even less energy. The lowest energy would be found in radio waves. Also it is important to realize that color is just a convention, it has no real physical meaning. Some other animal might see totally different colors.

When was The Color Spectrum created?

The Color Spectrum was created in 2010.