What color is methylene blue?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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It is blue, like its name.

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Q: What color is methylene blue?
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How would the pH of the stain methylene blue affect the staining of bacteria?

the ph of the stain on the bacteria caused by methylene blue would not affect it a lot since all methylene blue is supposed to do is make it visible on the microscope for e.g.

Will potassium permanganate or methylene blue diffuse faster?

permanganate will

Chemical used to make a specimen visible?

A general term for a chemical that makes a specimen visible is a stain. There are many types of stains available, depending upon the structure you want to visualize and the type of microscope you want to use, e.g. fluorescent stains like DAPI for fluorescence microscopy, or hematoxylin and eosin (H and E) staining for brightfield microscopy.Immersion oil

Methylene blue can be prepared as a basic stain or an acidic stain. How would the pH affect the staining of bacteria?

# The pH will determine if the bacteria will have a particular charge. If the chromophore is a positive ion like the methylene blue in the equation shown in the reading, the stain is considered a basic stain; if it is a negative ion, it is an acidic stain. Most bacteria are stained when a basic stain permeates the cell wall and adheres by weak ionic bonds to the negative charges of the bacterial cell.

Methylene blue reduction test of milk principle?

The methylene blue reduction test is based on the fact that the color imparted to milk by the addition of a dye such as methylene blue will disappear more or less quickly. The removal of the oxygen from milk and the formation of reducing substances during bacterial metabolism causes the color to disappear. The agencies responsible for the oxygen consumption are the bacteria. Though certain species of bacteria have considerably more influence than others, it is generally assumed that the greater the number of bacteria in milk, the quicker will the oxygen be consumed, and in turn the sooner will the color disappear. Thus, the time of reduction is taken as a measure of the number of organisms in milk although actually it is likely that it is more truly a measure of the total metabolic reactions proceeding at the cell surface of the bacteria.

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What is the behavior of methylene blue towards the animal charcoal?

i think the methylene blue will be make aqua blue because the charcoal will penerate the color of methylene blue,,,there are absorption process,,,in the charoal between the methylene blue.... (kharlz)

What color is simple staining on a bacillus and coccus using methylene blue stain?

Methylene blue stains everything blue.

Why is methylene blue necessary?

Methylene blue is helpful to observe cells through a violet-blue color, making organelles, as well as the cell, easier to identify.

What is the substances in a living cell that has same function as methylene blue?


How did methyl violet methyl blue and methylene blue come to be called this name?

The "methyl" and "methylene" come from their chemical structures. Something that has "methyl" in its name contains a methyl group - CH3. A common chemical like this is methyl alcohol - CH3OH. The methylene group is CH2. The blue and violet? That's what color they are.

Which of the availble stain enhance your observation the most methylene blue or iodide?

Methylene Blue

Why is methylene blue used as an indicator of cell respiration?

because methylene blue turns colourless when it is reduced by hydrogen. during respiration hydrogen is produced and instead of reducing NAD, it reduces methylene blue and turns methylene blue colourless. if methylene blue goes from blue to colourless then this shows that the cell is respiring as it is producing a suffiecient amount of hydrogen to decolourise methylene blue

How does methylene blue affect the paramecium?

The methylene blue will make the paramecium very horny and secrete sperm.

Which substance has a higher molecular weight a methylene blue or potassium permanganate?

METHYLENE BLUE has high molecular weight.

What is the function on bile in Eosin Methylene Blue agar?

To make the Eosin Methylene BLue Agar look cool and hip.

Chemical sometimes used to make the specimen visible on a microscope?

Methylene blue is an example.

What happens if methylene indicator strip turns blue inside the Gas Pak jar?

The blue color is a result.of oxidation of the color indicator. Blue means there's oxygen present. Colorless means there's an absence of oxygen.