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What color is pon and what color is zi?


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Pon is the yellow character and Zi is the blue. They are not gender specific since their creator (Jeff Thomas) wanted them to apply to any relationship, guy and girl, guy and guy, or girl and girl.


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Pon is yellow Zi is blue!

Pon and Zi are made by Jeff Thomas.

Pon, is Yellow. Zi is Blue:).

Pon and Zi are made by Jeff Thomas.

Pon is the yellow one and Zi is the blue one.

'Pon and Zi' are two "Emo" characters created by artist Azuzephre .

'Pon and Zi' were created in 2004 by Jeff Thomas .

Pon and Zi are two cute, emo characters. The drawings of them can be viewed at

Pon and Zi . Pon is yellow and Zi is blue .

POn is the littl eyellow one and Zi is the blue one!

Awesome little emo characters! ZI is BLUE and PON is YELLOW, and they are both genderless....

Actually, the author, Jeff, states that Pon and Zi don't have a specific gender for them because both female and male genders seem to connect with Pon and Zi.

Pon & Zi were created to be 'gender-less'. The creator wanted them to be applicable to any relationship, whether heterosexual or homosexual.

Pon is the usually yellow character (the one who is very enthusiastic and welcoming) and Zi is the usually blue character (the often sad one)

there isn't a book st the moment but if you look pon and zi up you can go to the makers site and help fund the making of the book

Pon and Zi are very much in love with each other and the two experience the vicissitudes of any relationship with it's 'ups & downs' .

The color pon is a tan-yellow.

Pon is the yellow male, Zi is the blue female. Zi is sometimes shown in pink as well. For example, in the picture where she says 'if you stop loving me I will drink it', where she is holding a bottle of bleach, she is shown as pink.

According to Wikipedia, Jeff Thomas (the creator) did not want to determine their sexes. Thomas wanted to avoid sex-determining his characters since his goal is that everyone should be able to recognize themselves as Pon and Zi. They may be two guys, two girls or maybe a guy and a girl, that is why many will recognize themselves in one Pon and Zi picture.

well, they don't mean anything but they are cartoon characters. Pon is the really sweet character who would do anything for Zi. Zi is the person Pon loves and they are more practical. They are adorable little comic characters, and are always different colors. Pon and Zi are characters in an ongoing illustration series. They were originally created by artist Jeff Thomas (also known by his deviantART(c) username "Azuzephre") during his "antisocial phase" in highschool.In his own words:"I first started drawing Pon and Zi in 2004. I was an angsty, antisocial junior in high school, and the violent themes of the first comics reflected my disconnect from people.I started dating in December of that year, and as I became less bitter and more cuddly, so did the comics. Originally gray and nameless, Pon and Zi were named and given colors along with different personalities. Pon, colored yellow, is usually the optimistic instigator, and Zi, colored blue, retains some of the disconnect and apathy found in the first comics. Neither is assigned a gender because I think that each of their personalities could be identified by either male or female readers, depending on the comic and dynamics of the relationship the reader is involved in." (from and Zi are products of an "Emo" style of art; using darker color paletes and almost despairingly sentimental content. They became an internet hit off of his deviantART(c) page and can be seen as popular backgrounds in internet communities and sundries in image programs.Nearly all of the original Pon and Zi artwork can be seen on the artist's website or the unofficial Pon and Zi fanpage ponandzi.comIn fact, you've probably already seen them. The image of the little yellow character telling an unassuming flower "You should meet my girlfriend, she could teach you how to be pretty." is classic Pon.

Jeff Thomas whos name on deviant art is azuzphre

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