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The color of the relay itself is black, and sits against the firewall on the passenger side, under the hood. The connector it plugs into is a green color. These relays can become quite dirty and the terminals oxidised over a period of time, and lose connection with the female connector in the plug. Be sure that you remove the relay, polish the spade terminals with 000 steel wool. Then blast the female terminals with WD-40 or contact cleaner, and insert/remove the relay several times to clean these terminals. You should do this to ALL of your relays to prevent future problems. If the relay does not engage the A/C compressor, then either the relay is defective or the compressor. If your relay is okay, it should be sending 12 volts to the compressor via the RED wire on the connector. You can check this wire with a volt meter to see if you get 12 volts (make sure your AC switch in the car is turned to "on"). If you do have 12 volts going to the compressor and you don't see the clutch engaging (the part forward of the compressor pulley), then the compressor is probably bad. Though you also have an A/C expert determine that your freon is full. Not having enough freon will cause the compressor clutch to not engage. This relay is $100 at a Jaguar dealership, and is part number JLM771. You can probably find it on-line for cheaper if you have time to wait for delivery. Don't ever purchase used relays; you never know what you are getting nor the number of hours already on that relay. If you do some Google searches, you can find illustrations showing the positions of all the relays on the car and their function. Print these out (along with fuse locations) and keep in car.

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Q: What color is the air conditioning compressor clutch relay on a 1994 jaguar XJ6?
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