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What color makes brown?

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all the colors mixed

red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple

or complimentary, orange/blue and yellow/purple

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What color mix makes brown?

the primary colors, brown is a tertiary color!

Green mixed with brown makes what color?

green mixed with brown makes dark brown

What color makes red brown and brown make?

Dark Reddish Brown

What color inks make brown?

Black and white makes brown

What color does brown and mauve make?

It makes a different shade of brown.

Brown and red makes what color?

Brown and Red together make a darker Brown.

What does brown and grey makes what color?


Green and purple makes what color?

Brown :(

What color makes purple brown?


What color makes green and rose?


What color do you get when you mix blue and brown?

it depends on what color blue and what color brown usually the blue makes the brown darker and usually adds a violet tent to.

How do you make a black color?

the green and brown makes the color black

What color do you make when mixing red and Medium brown?

it makes a blackish brown

Using barn red stain mixed with what other color makes brown?

Red + green makes brown.

What color does orange and purple make?

I believe it makes a reddish-brown color.

What color mixed with brown makes red?


What color makes beige?

Yellow and a light brown.

What color does brown and pink makes?

Greyish tanish

What colors makes the color brown?

yellow and red

What color white watercolor makes Ivory?

PS What color brown in watercolor makes ivory when mixed with ____?____ white??

What color makes brown green?

Brown and green mixed together tends to make a brown green colour.

What color does brown and red make when mixed together?

First, you spelled color wrong, it's color not colour. Anyways, it makes Mahogany. A deep red-brown color.

What color makes brown eyes pop?

blue or orange

What color makes mahogany?

Mahogany is a mixture of red and brown.

Green and orange mixed makes what color?

a yellowed brown