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Try Marine Agency. Web address is the same. Ask for a local agent. If you are in MA that would be me. Be prepared to pay $4000/yr +/- no matter who you insure thru. 4lifeguild

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โˆ™ 2006-04-25 12:23:57
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Q: What companies will insure a tattoo parlor?
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What companies will insure a tattoo shop in Australia?


What do you call a place where you can get a tattoo?

Tattoo shop, tattoo parlor

Where can you find a tattoo parlor that will give you a tattoo with parental consent mesa AZ?

The laws in Arizona are pretty specific. They can give a tattoo to a minor. But it requires the physical presence of a parent at the tattoo parlor.

If you pay to get a tattoo but the tattoo parlor made a huge mistake then should you sue them?


How can you safely dye your body green?

With tattoo ink at a licensed tattoo parlor.

Can you get a tattoo in a tattoo parlor with parental consent legally?

Not in New York. You have to be 18.

Where can see tattoos designs?

you can see tattoo designs at any tattoo parlor or you can google "tattoo flash"

What is the oldest tattoo parlor in Rome Italy?

The first tattoo Parlor in Rome was founded in 1986 by Gippi Rondinella.related links : ( Italian tattoo history) Italian

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There are a number of places where one can find a tattoo parlor in California, though it is a large state. There are a number of consumer reviews for tattoo parlors left on Yelp.

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At the tattoo parlor on bustnut street

What age to have a tattoo done?

When the person who wants the tattoo can pay for it and drive themselves to the parlor

How do you classify a tattoo artist for workers compensation insurance?

NY 9586G Tattoo Parlor

Where should you go to get your ears pierced?

A tattoo parlor

What is the tattoo artist average annual salary?

A tattoo artist makes 40,000 dollars a year. However, a parlor owner can make up to 100,000 dollars a year. It all depends on where your tattoo parlor is located and how much buisness you get.

Where do you get your lip pierced professionally?

Average tattoo shop/parlor.

What is the Difference between head shop and tattoo parlor?

A head shop sells smoking devices and drug paraphernalia, and sometimes legal drugs (and sometimes illegal). A tattoo parlor does tattoos.

What should you pay for a quality tattoo?

depends on what you get a tattoo parlor silly ! make sure there professinal though(:

How do you get the saints tattoo off your saint in Saints Row 3?

Just go to a Tattoo parlor and you can change it or delete it

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In order to get a heart tattoo, someone could visit their local tattoo parlor. It is advisable to ensure that the tattoo parlor has a good reputation before you visit. Tattoo parlors could be found by looking in the Yellow Pages or in the Phone Book.

Where is the tattoo parlor on bully?

its in the neighborhood in blue skies industrial area

Age to enter tattoo parlor?

18, unless accompanied by an adult

How much money does a tattoo parlor owner earn?

they get one dollar.

Where to get a nautical star tattoo?

Any tattoo parlor should be able to tattoo a nautical star. Use your phonebook or the internet to find one near you.

Is pen ink good to use for tattoo?

No, use regular tattoo ink and get it done at a real tattoo parlor. Don't use pen ink.

Who can insure a tattoo studio in England?

Insurance World in Northampton offer insurance for tattoo studios