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328 State Farm Mutual Auto. Ins. Co.

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Q: What company has nys insurance code 328?
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what disclosure forms must nys insurance company officers or shareholders fill out for the nys dept of insurance?

Can I register my car in NY but insure it in FL?

In order to register your car in NY you will need an insurance bar code with valid NYS insurance.

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yes in Canada's worst driver season 6 it happend (guy removed other guy's insurance

If you had a NYS Life and Health insurance license and it lapsed how do you get it back?

Check out your States department of insurance found on line. I imagine you would have to sit for the exam again.

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Of course you can collect.

Can your license be suspended for not having automobile insurance in nys?

Yes, if you are caught driving without insurance in any state, except New Hampshire, you're license will be suspended.

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In NYS, and I believe many states, the auto insurance must be from the same state as the state where the vehicle is registered.

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