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Coca-Cola company makes dr.pepper

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Q: What company makes dr Pepper?
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What company makes hawaiian punch?

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

What company bought Dr Pepper?

Pepsi Co has Dr. Pepper now.

What company that Dr Pepper belong to?

Dr Pepper, in the United States at the very least, is owned and bottled by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

How do you make dr pepper?

get a sodastream and add dr pepper currents and water and press the button that makes it.

Does pepsi own dr pepper in ny state?

No. Dr. Pepper is owned and manufactured by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, a company spun off of Cadbury Schweppes.

Which soda makes Mentos explode better root beer or dr pepper?

Dr pepper in a glass bottle

What makes Dr Pepper an acid and not a base?

Dr. Pepper conatain dissolved carbon dioxide (carbonic acid).

Is dr pepper a pepsi or coca-cola?

Dr Pepper is a "unique" drink. It is manufactered by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group and only in Europe is it manufactured by the Coca-Cola company.

What does carbonated water do in Dr Pepper?

makes it fizzy..

What makes Dr Pepper fizz?

the carbon dioxide

Who owns Dr. Pepper?

The Dr. Pepper/Snapple company. They also own seven up, Canada dry, and sunkist.

Does Dr Pepper own 7-up?

Yes, Dr. Pepper and 7-up are both owned by the same company. Bagshad :)

Dr Pepper 23 ingredients?

The 23 ingredients in Dr. Pepper are not given out to the general public. The company has always kept the ingredients secret.

What characteristic of Dr Pepper makes it a solution?


Who makes dr pepper?

cadbery schwent

What company makes Snapple?

Snapple is part of Dr. Pepper or DPS(it's stock ticker) which is owned by Cadbury Schwepps. Snapple makes Mystic and Nantucket Nectars also.

What types of drpepper is there?

Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper Diet Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Dr. Pepper Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free Cherry Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper Ten

Is there pepper in the Dr Pepper soft drink?

-kollin no there is not pepper in dr.pepper. it is the carbonated water in the soda so that is what makes it taste like that.

What company sells dr pepper?

It Depends Where You Are Many Companies Sell It

What are facts about Dr Pepper?

Dr. Pepper is the oldest major soft drink, created in 1885; Unlike Pepsi or Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper has never been a cola; After David Letterman described Dr. Pepper as 'liquid manure' on his show, CBS received phone calls from the Dr. Pepper company, CBS promised never to re-air the episode.

Why is Dr.. Pepper called 'Dr.. Pepper'?

Dr. Pepper was actually given the name Dr. Pepper in order to give credit to the late and well-renowned Dr. Maxwell Pepper.

Who inventred Dr pepper?

Dr pepper

What was Dr Pepper originally called?

Dr Pepper was originally called Dietetic Dr Pepper.

Why is dr pepper on sale when pepsi or coke is?

Dr. Pepper and Pepsi is made by the same company. Coke is in competition with them so they want to take sales from them and go on sale.

What is the flavoring in dr pepper?

It has long been held that Dr Pepper is carbonated prune juice, but this turns out to be a total hoax. It's not true. Other than carbonated water and sweeteners, the Cadbury-Schweppes company is not telling the names of their 23 flavorings for Dr Pepper. (Dr Pepper was a real doctor around World War I)