What company manufactures Special Kitty Dry Kitten food?


I believe that it is made by Doane Pet Care but please read the information below regarding how I came to that conclusion!

Interesting question, since last night (4/21/07) I was trying to find out who makes Special Kitty Gourmet Blend dry cat food when I saw your question. As you know, there is no Special Kitty website, and no information on the package that says who actually makes the food. Here is what I found out:

First, "Special Kitty" is a registered trademark of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. This means that Wal-Mart owns the brand, but not necessarily that they actually make the food. In fact, they use several manufacturers to make and package the pruduct under their brand name.

One manufacturer they use is Menu Foods, but Menu claims that they only make wet and moist foods, including some or all of the wet/moist products with the Special Kitty brand name. I believe it is true that they do not make Special Kitty Dry foods, but do make some or all of the wet food with that brand name.

I could not get any reverse phone number lookup information on the number. When I googled it, two hits came up:

Both posts were in regard to "Maxximum Nutrition" brand dry dog foods, which I have seen at Wal-Mart in both cat and dog formulations. Both of the posts mentioned that the food bags had the same contact number. A trademark search at the USPTO showed that the brand is owned by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

One of the above posts mentioned that Maxximum was manufactured by "Doanes", which led me to Doane Pet Care. Doane is a huge manufacturer of dry pet food, under their own brands, as well as other brands. Their website also mentions that they make a majority of the dry pet food that is marketed under Wal-Mart owned brand names. One of the SEC 10K filings linked under the "investors" section of their site states that they make the majority of the foods marketed under Wal-Mart's "Special Kitty" brand name. The SEC filing also staes that they make the "Maxximum Nutrition" brand food.

So, I am convinced that Doane Pet Care makes my Special Kitty Gourmet Blend dry food, based especially on the fact that the 800 number on the bag is the same as the one on bags of Maxximum Nutrition food, both of which brands are made, at least in part, by Doane.

If your bag of Special Kitty dry kitten food gives a contact number of 800-982-9802, then it is very likely that it was made by Doan Pet Care.

Just to make it even more complicated the "News & PR" section of the Doane site has a press release stating that on June 13 of 2006, Mars, Inc. acquired the Doane Pet Care Company!

Hope this helps!