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What computer chip do you need for 350 engine?


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2004-06-11 18:46:56
2004-06-11 18:46:56

it all depends on what "YOU" want horspower,speed,gas need to take a look at HYPERTECH they are a good company and have alot of diff kind of chips available for a 350 and other engines and apps


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Yes,wires will hook up the same and no you dont have to change the chip. I would DISAGREE WITH PART OF THE ABOVE ANSWER. You will need to get the correct computer for this AND NEW CHIP.

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The chip is located inside the ECM (engine control module). There is an access cover on the ECM that will expose the chip. A special tool is used to r & r the chip as not to damage the prongs.

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You may need to go to a performance shop for a new chip or who knows what. That's the problem with too radical of a modification. Most engine shops will tell you to not go radical on an engine rebuild if it is to be connected back to the same computer and sensors.

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You go with a 350 instead.You need the engine with it's computer chip (you can place it into the v6 computer), knock sensor, injectors and TB unit, but since you are getting a complete 350 (and bypassing the 305), you'll have everything you need.Move the v6 mounts up a few inches to the v8 mount holes and bolt back in.Drop engine in place.Done.

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Yes your wires will hook up and no you wont have to change the chip either. the wires will hook up but if it is a tbi you do need to change the chip or it will run lean because the timing of the fuel dilivery for the 305 is longer than the 350 and you will run lean so the chip needs to be changed to change the timing of the pulse.

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