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Q: What conclusion can you draw about Canada's history based on this portion of their Constitution?
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What is the name for that portion of the US Constitution that explains the purposes of the US government?

The Preamble

The constitution divides the powers and responsibilities of government into three parts. This divisionis called?

The three parts of government that are separated in the Constitution are known as the separation of powers. The three branches of the government, legislative, executive, and judicial, each have assigned duties, and each can exercise a series of checks and balances to assure, no one portion of the government usurps the powers of the others.

What portion of the state must approve a constitutional amendment in order to ratify it?

Article V of the US Constitution states that by a vote of two thirds of both houses of Congress an amendment may be proposed to the states for ratification.

What is the most democratic part of the constitution?

The most democratic phrase in the Constitution might be the first three words. "We the People..." suggests that all authority for government lies in representing the will of all the people (citizens) of the United States. You might also look at the 14th Amendment which has an equal protection clause that is the basis for how individuals have rights that cannot be taken away without due process. Having individual liberties guaranteed makes the US a liberal democracy. A third place within the three part structure of federal government which the Constitution sets up where you find democracy is the House of Representatives portion of Congress. The intent of the founders to have this body elected every two years and to be in charge of tax and spend policy intended to make it the most democratic portion of federal government. (But the re-election of incumbents into the House is very high and the growing power of lobbies suggests that the House is not truly living up to the democratic design of the late 1700s.

Was the Judiciary Act of 1789 an example of a formal amendment to the Constitution?

No. The Judiciary Act of 1789 was one of the first Acts of the First Congress operating under the new Constitution. It fulfilled one of the mandates of the Constitution by establishing the US Supreme Court, and created a small federal court system consisting of thirteen District Courts and three Circuit Courts. Articles I and III of the Constitution specifically authorized Congress to take this action, therefore the Act did nothing to change the Constitution. The Judiciary Act of 1789 was simply a federal law. Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 authorized the US Supreme Court to issue writs of mandamus (a court order requiring someone to take a specific action) to officials of the federal government under its original (trial) jurisdiction. Chief Justice John Marshall declared this portion of the Act unconstitutional and refused to comply with it. If the Supreme Court had complied with that section of the Act, it may have been considered an example of the informal amendment process. The formal amendment process, as outlined in Article V of the Constitution, requires three-quarters of the states to ratify (approve) an official, written change to the Constitution. The informal amendment process occurs as a result of constitutional interpretation, is temporary, and doesn't really change the Constitution.

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Portion of the constitution establishing the legislative department?

The US Constitution outlines each branch of government and their responsibilities. Article 1 is the portion of the Constitution that establishes the legislative department.

Read this conditional statement choose h if the red portion is the hypothesis choose c if the red portion is the conclusion?


The portion of the constitution that basically explains the why of its existence is the?


What is the portion of the Constitution that basically explains the why of its existence?

preamble dumby

What portion of the constitution states that is may be amended?

article 5

What portion of the US Constitution includes duties of the Legislative branch?

Article I of the US Constitution establishes the legislative branch.

Which portion of a constitution safeguards the individual rights of citizens?

bill of rights

What happens during the analysis portion of an experiment?

You are supposed to use what you know to make possibilities of a conclusion

What is the name for that portion of the US Constitution that explains the purposes of the US government?

The Preamble

Does the constitution forbid the use of oaths?

The oath of office and similar things? No, there is no such portion.

What portion of the constitution establishing date for the start of each congress?

20th amendment

What is the name for that portion of the US Constitution that explains purpose of the US government?

The Preamble