What continent is Azerbaijan found in?

Azerbaijan's main city, Baku is in the European Continent. However, about half of it is in Asia.
Many consider Azerbaijan European cause of the culture, secular lifestyle, and education system that is similar to Eastern European countries.

For example Azerbijan plays in Europeans Soccer Tournoments, it competes in Eurovision, is part of the European Customes (EC), and etc.
Azerbaijan is located in East Asia. Some say it is in Europe, but it is geographically in Asia, some small portions of it may be in Europe, but the country is mostly Asian, for the fact it is a Muslim country, so it is really a transcontinental country. Azerbaijan and Georgia are both members of the Council of Europe and are regarded as "European countries" by the European Union; their embassies or officials and others have stated that they are in Europe, part of Europe, or partly in Europe. Europe and Asia are both on the same tectonic plate; Eurasia, either way it goes, Azerbaijan is located in Eurasia.