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carbeurators are no longer used in newer cars i think they were replaced by fuel injectors but its bin awhile so yea

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Q: What controls air flow instead of carburetor?
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What is autochoke?

It is where the carburetor controls the flow of air and fuel into the engine allowing it start up when the engine is cold. It does this automatically instead of having to do it yourself.

A power loss occurs when you apply carburetor heat because?

The flow of air in the carburetor venturi is restricted.

What are the methods used to control fuel and air mixture in carburetor?

The methods to control the fuel and air mixture in a carburetor include needle valves to control fuel flow, and the butterfly or ventura to control air flow.

What is the name of the valve in carburetor controlling air flow into fuel?


What is an air-conditioner damper?

controls flow of cool or warm air

What controls air flow in a Bunsen-burner?

the air valve at the base of the burner

Where is carburetor found in car?

The carburetor is normally found just above the engine, it controls the petrol and air mix prior to combustion. Fuel injected and diesel engines do not need a carburetor.

How do you adjust a VW Golf MK1 carburetor?

You can adjust your VW carburetor by using the adjustment screws. There is an adjustment screw to adjust the flow of fuel. There is an adjustment screw to adjust the flow of air.

Can you use carburetor and choke cleaner to clean the mass air flow sensor on a subaru gc8?


How do you clean the mass air flow sensor on a 1999 ford expeditiion?

Carburetor cleaner will do the job.

How do you adjust edelbrock carburetor on 1986 chev truck 5.l?

tell me how to adjust the air flow.

Why does your four wheeler choke out while accelerating unless you stop the air flow for a second?

Dirty carburetor.

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