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It actually is fat and it can be surgically removed. These types of fat lumps are usually around some people's eyes.

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Can you smoke after cutting the outside fo your cheek?

You can. It doesn't seem like such a great idea though.

What life span would a cheek cell have?

The life span of a cheek cell inside the mouth is about a month. The lifespan outside the body is usually less, but it also depends on how well its sample is prepared.

Old 22-250 bolt action rifle and it says springfield on it it has a real wood stock and a raised cheek piece.?

What is your question?

When molecular geneticists take a blood sample or a cheek swab what are they trying to obtain?

The inside cells of the cheek are living cells. The cheek cells outside are dead and filled with keratin. These living cells have a nucleus which contains DNA. This is a very easy way to gather DNA samples and it is not invasive.

What is the Welsh for 'cheek'?

grudd: cheek boch: cheek digywilydd-dra: impudence

Which type of solution would cause a cheek cell to shrink?

A hypertonic solution would cause a cheek cell to shrink. The size is related to the fact that the hypertonic solution has a greater concentration of solute outside the cell.

What could cause pins and needles in the cheek area?

Which cheek are we talking about? A face cheek or a butt cheek?

Is the song 'cheek to cheek' for foxtrot or quickstep?

The Song "Cheek to cheek" from Fank Sinatra is a Foxtrott.

What is a cheek?

A cheek is the side of your face.

Can you get herpes on your cheek?

Herpes can be on your cheek.

What is the function of a cheek cell?

Cheek cells are made up of squamous epithelium , these are tightly arranged and helps protect against bacterial invasion. Human cheek cells are a type of epithelial cell that lines the interior of the mouth. The function of the human cheek cells is to secrete mucin, which maintains moisture in the mouth to aid mechanical and chemical digestion. To help in the chewing of food. Cheek cells are actually epithelial cells, and are used to line any cavities inside and outside the human body. Cheek cells mainly assist in chewing food and protecting against bacterial infection. They chew the food by breaking it down and the layer they occupy protects the cheek from injury.

How do you spell cheek?

Cheek is spelled cheek. For the plural noun "cheeks" (either the face or the posterior).

Why is it bad to use heat to treat a toothache?

applying a cold compress against the outside of the cheek; do not use heat, because it will tend to spread infection.

What is another name for cheek bone?

Bone Cheek

How do you improve cheek muscles?

How do you improve cheek muscles

Is cheek a common noun?

Cheek is common noun

What are facts about cheek cell?

A fact about cheek cells is that they make up you whole cheek. Another fact is that the cheek cell looks like a circle with an outer circle.

Can you get herpes from a kiss on the cheek?

NO of course not on the cheek.On the cheek is ok just try to avoid the lips / mouth area.

What is a cheek cell?

A cheek cell is a cell found on your cheek that is used to help keep you alive in some ways.

What are cheek cells for?

Cheek cells make up your cheeks. Without them, humans would be cheek-less. haha

Can you get sick from kissing someone on the cheek?

No. It's just a kiss on the cheek and i kissed someone on the cheek and nothing happened.

Is a cheek cell multicellular or unicellular?

It is multicelluar because human is muticelluar animals probabaly cheek cell looked like nuicellular but the cheek cell is fall apart from our cheek.

Why are onion cells in a sheet and cheek cells individual units?

Due to the techniques of obtaining the samples, onion cells remain intact in the tissue, but because cheek cells are obtained by rubbing a toothpick on your cheek, you are disrupting the cheek tissue, and instead of getting a sheet of cheek cells, you get individual cheek cells.

Is the cheek cell a prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

The cheek is a eukaryotic cell.

Is the cheek cell a eukaryote?

Yes, cheek cells are eukaryotic.