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The thing that is annoying about cars is that there are normally multiple things that can cause just 1 problem. So I'll give you a list...... Could be piston slap. Or Ignition timing wrong Ignition system buggered generally Air leak in the throttle body or carburettor or any of the hoses around there. (this also causes the car to hesitate on acceleration or to idle erratically or to stall randomly, so depends on if anything else is wrong) Could be a build up of carbon or dust in the engine Could even be that one of the pipes around the throttle body or carburettor is blocked or partially blocked.

Realistically you need to take the car to a garage. Or systematically eliminate all the things above, and more which i probably have forgotten.

I'd ignore this to be honest, It's a diesel so it doesn't have a carburettor or ignition system like a petrol. If this advice was any good it would be for a petrol.

Knocking in a cold diesel that's just been started isn't that unusual, as long as it goes away. Different types of oil can make a difference to the noise it makes. Next time change the oil filter and see if you can find a type of oil recommended for 306 td.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:55:32
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Q: What could be causing your 1996 306 td to knock for about 20 seconds when starting from cold it has recently had an oil change?
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