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What could be draining the battery on a 1970 firebird?


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It could be lights on in the trunk or a short someplace, your best bet would be to touch positive cable to the battery and if you get a spark something is drawing power from the battery, pull one fuse at a time and recheck the spark at the battery and when you have a fuse pulled and it finally doesn't spark when you touch the positive cable to the battery terminal you have found the circuit that your problem is in.

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Related Questions absolutely will. In fact, you can change them all from 1970-1981 if you have all the parts from the front end to do it.

The 0-60 time for a stock(455 CU-IN) 67 Firebird is 5.5 seconds No such thing as a stock 455 67 Firebird. 455 wasn't built until 1970.

In the battery compartment, behind the drivers seat.

A trim package offered in the 1970-1981 firebirds. Was one level up from the base firebird, offered a delux interior, ect. Was not a performance option.

A 1970 Pontiac Service Manual will have this info in it. You can find them on Ebay or one of the literature places on the web.

Well it maybe that the battery is to small for the truck or the alternator is bad

If you need a diagram to install a battery, have a professional do it.

There is some aftermarket companies making a bandit and a 1970 look alike. Then there is also this below. Please refer to the related links.

Yes but you require the front bumper brackets, and lower valance, signal lights and brackets. I have done it, can use 1976 hood with it also . 1977 and later hoods are flat and will not allow bumper to fit correctly

If it is a Pontiac 350, any hei distributor out of any size Pontiac motor up to 1979 will work.

if same year the frame of door will be same. but door pannel isn't same. you can make it work

Anyplace that sells batteries can provide this information.

Remove the battery cable, this is a sure way to get it to shut off.

Get a Hanes or Chilton repair manual, it will say. The capacity really isn't critical unless you are doing a complete teardown and completely draining the system.

Dead battery? Loose or dirty battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Bad starter? Neutral switch?

Under the dash of passenger side unbolts from bottom of ducting. (squirrel cage fan) No, wrong answer, the heater fan motor on all second generation f-body cars (1970-1981 camaro, firebird, trans am) is found in the right side fender, with a/c or not.

I believe it is between 1970 and 1973. Honeycomb grill insert makes it a 72. Very sharp car....very sharp girl, too!!

Do you have a test light? Let me know I will tell you what to do.

If the light stays on while the car is running there is a good chance your alternator is not working anymore. Which means that your battery is not getting charged and you could end up stranded on the side of the road.

There are generally considered to be four generations. The first generations is from 1967-1969. The second generation is from 1970-1981. The third generation is from 1982-1992. The fourth generation is from 1993-2002.

The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was made by Pontiac, which is a division of General Motors. The first (1969), second (1970-1981), and third (1982-1992) generation cars were assembled at either the Van Nuys, California or Norwood, Ohio plants while the fourth generation (1993-2002) cars were assembled at the Sainte-Thérèse plant in Quebec, Canada.

In 1970 there were several engines with varying HP available. Back then you could order just about any engine combination for any car. It could be anywhere from 265-370HP.

some times when your trying to start will sound like battery is going dead

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