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What is inside a battery ? Rocky_B - See my entry here for more things you might want to check:

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Q: What could be the problem 1990 bronco unable to start have replaced the battery and the relay next to the battery no lights inside trk when battery is reconnected?
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How do you reset the computer in a 1988 Ford bronco 2 has new battery and still no power?

the bronco needs to have the ground wire connected from the battery to the body. if you replaced the battery and disconnected that ground it simply won't start.

Battery keeps dying on 1990 ford bronco replaced battery and alternator what could it be?

battery hooked up backward, wires crossed somewhere or it could be the solenoid.

What if your 86 bronco ll will not start evn though you have replaced the battery and ignition coil?

it could be the control module

1988 Ford Bronco II Bought a new alternator battery charged up start the car battery light comes on then it dies what is the problem?

does your bronco have an external voltage regulator if so i would take it and have it checked

What can cause the power locks not to work on a 1990 bronco?

I replaced the drivers door switch on mine and it took care of the problem

Is a bronco 1 or 2 bigger?

There is the FULL SIZE BRONCO and then the Bronco II ( the Bronco II is smaller , eventually replaced by the Ford Explorer)

Bronco won't start one click is all you get. starter is good. replaced solenoid and alternator. still the same problem. cleaned up all connections and terminals. what else could it be?

Are you sure the battery has enough juice (13.5volts)? Is the engine locked up? Try turning the motor by hand. If the engine is not seized, take the starter off and bench test it. Recheck your negative battery cable, a very good chance your problem lies there. The same thing happened to my 1995 full size bronco today. I took the battery cables off cleaned each one, and still the same problem. I replaced the starter, solenoid, finally noticed my ground wire from my intake to the fire wall was charred. So I checked my lower battery cable connections and my ground was not connected. I replaced my firewall ground and replaced my battery ground wire and all my problems were solved. Even my dash readings were fixed, I always had crazy readings on my dash (temp, oil pressure and amp gauge) all were fixed with the installation of my new ground wires.

I replace the solenoid on 87 ford bronco. No when reconnecting the battery the engine trys to start without the key?

I had the same problem and it was a bad starter.

What is the last model year of ford bronco II?

The Bronco II was made till 1990. The it was replaced by the Explorer in 1991.

Why does a 1994 ford bronco stalls in reverse and in first gear?

My 91 Bronco did the same thing before I found a crack in the passenger side exhaust manifold. Replaced with 50 state smog legle headers and a new O2 sensor and fixed the problem.

Your 88 ford bronco will turn over but not start and you have replaced the coil distributor cap rotor and negative battery cable but still no spark from coil?

Defective electronic control module.or maybe starter

Where is the jack storage for a 96 bronco?

Under the hood, behind the battery

Why 1983 ford full size bronco battery is charge start no problem next morning battery is dead?

Your battery is being drained by a short to ground ,SOMEWHERE. Easiest way to find this out for sure , without a test meter, is to disconnect the Positive battery terminal when you shut down engine. Then see if it starts the next day.

Your 1988 bronco 302 is getting spark and fuel but wont start you recently replaced the head gaskets what could be the problem I replaced the coil and it is getting good fuel flow and good spark?

You probably have a bad Electronic Control Module. They are notorious for going bad.

How can you reset your computer on a 1996 Ford Bronco?

disconect battery for 5 min

How do you reset the computer in a 1988 Ford Bronco?

try to disconnect battery for 30 seconds

Brake lights keep blowing fuse when turn signal light is on 1987 ford bronco?

Replace turn signal switch. Its grounding when you put turn signals on. I had the same problem and replaced it .Solved issues.

How do you turn the check engine light off on a 1996 Ford Bronco?

Disconnect the negative battery cable for a few minutes...that will reset the light and the computer memory. If there is still a problem, though, the light will come back on.

Engine trys to start when connecting the battery on 87 ford bronco?

your starter might be stuck on

How do you change starter in 1996 ford bronco?

Disconnect battery, follow the users manual disconnect wires from the starter, detach bolts remove the starter. To install the starter, follow the reverse process step by step to ensure its completely and correctly replaced.

How much would it cost to get a flywheel replaced on a 89 ford bronco II?

to my knowledge the bronco is an automatic, so you dont have a flywheel. you have a flex plate and ring gear.need to know why you want to replace this

Your 1988 Bronco full size battery turns on but when you turn it over to start nothing happens no sounds at all why is this?


Can you just change the gear on rear window of a 1989 ford bronco?

No, the gears are stamped as part of the regulator arms. If the gears are bad the regulator unit would need replaced. More likely a problem with the gear on the motor. I've never seen the motor gear offered separately. Motor would have to be replaced.

1986 ford bronco 2 battery wont stay charged?

Take it to your local auto parts chain store. Most of them will check your battery and alternator for free.

Your 90 Ford Bronco's fuel pump won't shut off any suggestions?

Replace the fuel pump relay. I had this problem also, before I replaced it I wanted to look at it, and when I did, there was mud stuffed into it, I assume it was from bee's that use mud for nesting. I cleaned the dirt out and my fuel pump problem went away

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