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bad fuse, loose or disconnected wire, bad cigar lighter base. Try replacing the 20 amp fuse marked "locks" in the inside fuse panel located on the passengers side.

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Q: What could be the problem if the cigarette lighter in a 1995 Saturn SL1 does not work?
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What could be the problem with your 2001 Lincoln LS if the cigarette lighter power is out?

bad fuse... always pull, NEVER twist the plug...

The cigarette lighter was pushed in and now neither the radio nor the cigarette lighter will work What could be wrong?

Most likely the fuse is blown, many cars have the cigar lighter and the radio on the same circut.

What fuse is for the cigarette lighter in a 1993 Plymouth Voyager?

The owner's manual does not state a specific fuse for the cigarette lighter, but it worked a few months ago, and now doesn't. Could it be something else?

Why there is center division in cigarette lighter?

To give the lighter structural strength, otherwise the plastic case could just crack in your pocket.

When headlights are on the cigarette lighter goes off when you cut the headlights off the cigarette lighter comes back on?

you could have some faulty wiring. take your dash board off and see if any wires are frayed or broken

2001 Ford Ranger cigarette lighther not working?

In your fuse panel on the driver's end of the dash (the cover is visible with the driver's door open ) in location # 17 there is a 20 amp fuse for your cigarette lighter and data link connector - check to see if the fuse is blown , also it could be the lighter itself or an electrical connection problem. (Helpfull)

Why is the Cigarette lighter not working on vw Passat?

Probably just the fuse or it could be a lose wire under the dash

Is there a device that connects to a cars cigarette lighter that you could plug an electrical chord into?

Yes, it's called a Power Inverter

Why will radio and overhead lights and horn not work on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity Ive already checked fuses and they just blow when I replace them?

If its blowing fuses, then you have a short in that circuit somewhere. Its going to be a tuff process of elimintation to try and find the short, but it will need to be dont to correct your problem. The best place to start is your cigarette lighter. The lighter could have a short, or the terminals on the back side of it could be shorted, or the most common problem, a penny has gotten into the cigar lighter.

Why won't your cigarette lighter come out?

If your car cigarette lighter won't pop out, it may mean that either the lighter itself is bad, the fuse is blown, or the wiring is bad. Testing the lighter is rather easy. You could use an ohmmeter to test between the center of the coil and the metal jacket. If nothing happens on the meter, then the lighter is bad. You could test the socket by plugging something else into it. Then from there, if the socket is dead, then you should try looking for its fuse.However, if you mean it is stuck and you cannot pull it out, then the socket or the lighter is broken, or there is an object or substance between the lighter and the socket. It could be anything from spilled drink or rust, to deliberate vandalism.

The 25 amp fuse blows and the radio clock goes off when you try to use the cigarette lighter The power to the lighter and radio is good cannot see any obvious wiring short What could the problem be?

The lighter itself is toast. There is a short inside so when you click it in too much current is drawn and it blows the fuse. The coil inside has a short.

Does a 1972 Volkswagen beetle have a cigarette lighter?

Not that I've ever found. You could probably put one in, if you're handy around electricity.

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