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Unfortunately, some things don't work well when they get older. If you're still married after 38 years, I suspect he's telling it like it is. It may be a health issue that he doesn't want to talk about. Men can go through "Andropause" (use to be called "Mid Life Crisis) and become moody, have hot flashes, and be impotent. Diabetes can cause this as can meds for different diseases. Usually men are embarrassed to discuss this problem. If you can make an appointment for him to see the doctor and get a good physical. There are many things that can help him.

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it seems to me like your making excuses are you ready?

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it means that if you keep making excuses then you'll never get anything done or you'll fall at it

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he will probably seem distant. always making up excuses for being late or not coming home. hides stuff like his phone or uses computer paswords. but sometimes it is impossible to tell

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If you and your husband are having financial difficulties and he wants you to try and get a job then it is more likely about finances and nothing to do with cheating. It is unlikely he suggested you get a job just so he could cheat because he has many excuses he could use to cheat without you working.

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Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. This quote is attributed to George Washington Carver in the late 19th century.

How can I make my cheating husband jealous?

Having a cheating husband is already a problem to solve in your marriage.If you try to make him jealous, it will be the result of a second problem to solve.Making him jealous is not a way to get his attention on how you are hurt. He might not be afflicted by what you will try.Communication and Counselling (therapy) would be a good start.

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by making up excuses

If you are legally married can the husband buy a home without his wife's signature in Texas?

Texas is a community property state. He should consult with an attorney before making the purchase.

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