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What could be the problem when some heavy light colored smoke is seen after driving a car on a highway stopping and starting it again?


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2005-02-06 15:33:15
2005-02-06 15:33:15

Usualy this is caused by condesation forming in the exhaust system.When the car is driven for a long period and or at highway speeds the exhaust system heats up. Then when it is shut down moisture from the ambient air condenses/collects inside the exhaust,then when you drive the car again the moisture exits the exhaust as steam or even as water dripping from the end of the tailpipe.This is mutch easier to see on a cold day. B


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Many times when calculating miles per gallon, automotive companies will list both city mpg and highway mpg. City driving includes less miles, but more stopping and starting, and idling in traffic.

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Cars are rated as to how efficient they are. The government gives them two ratings; Highway mileage and City mileage. City mileage is determined by driving the car at slower speeds and stopping and starting many times. This consumes a lot of fuel during the times the car is not moving or having to accelerate. Highway mileage is determined my driving the car long distances at highway speeds, usually 55 mph or more.

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They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.

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Hi; 2 hours is quit a long time if your driving on the highway, It could lead t0 other damage to the transfer case. If in town driving and you are starting and stopping a lot, It may not seem as bad but remember to take out of gear before stopping at night so it don't freeze in gear. Use it when needed, and it will lead to fewer problems in the long run

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It depends on the driver's braking habits and type of driving, be it city or highway driving. They can last between 25K or less of city driving to 75K or more of highway driving.

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