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Not knowing exactly what they did my best educated guess would be that the idle is too high.

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Q: What could be the problem when you take car to shop to get tune up and other work Now car jerks when put in reverse and drive?
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Your Mazda 323f jerks and slow to accelerate at low speeds then drive smoothly after 40miles per hour. what could be the problem?


What could be the problem when you take car to shop to get tune up and other work Now car jerks when put in reverse and park?

Take it back to the shop and complain.

Your car will not go forward in drive It will go in reverse it will drive in the low gears but it will not go forward in drive It just jerks What do you think it is?

this is a typical problem with berettas, for some reason the bands in the transmission will not hold out after several miles are on the car, have the bands tightened or replaced, and you wont have any more problems

Why does your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee stall when you put it in gear it jerks some and then immediately dies when putting it into reverse or drive?

You need to scan for codes.

Why sometimes your 1994 eldorado is hard to start and when you drive it jerks?

could be the motor mounts as to it jerking if its not the tranny..

What if your 2005 Mercury Mountaineer jerks when you but it in reverse?

check the trans fluid.

Cadillac jerks when put in drive?

if its a rear wheel drive you could have a u-joint going out.front wheel drive a drive axle going out one of your motor mounts are bad replace it....

What is the problem when your car jerks and not pick up speed?

The problem could be the starter. It's tough to say without seeing the car. The best option would be to bring it to a mechanic, who could correctly diagnose the problem.

What does it mean when your car jerks when it cranks up?

Trans problem

1999 mustang the car starts and moves fine but when I get to a stop then step on the gass to the end the car jerks of a few times before it moves please what could be the problem?

The problem could be a mechanical problem it is important to take it to the mechanic to have it checked.

2000 Toyota Camry - On idling in Drive I get small jerks along with the engine rpm sinking and then rising alternatively. Any idea on what the problem could be?

Took it to a car dealership and they found that the spark plug needed to be replaced. It is fine now.

Transmission suddenly jerks and then anytime you shift from park to reverse and somewhat on drive The oil change guy said that you need trans services does that mean overhaul is it safe to drive?

Could be low on Trany fluid or vacuum line is bad or off. Check both.Another answer:Depending on your transmission, it could also be a disconnected VSS or worn motor mounts. Trying to diagnose from a description is not always easy.

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