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1. He may have developed ED. 2. He no longer is sexually attracted to her. 3. He has developed a low libido and isn't interested in sex with anyone. 4. He is having an affair. If your husband is diabetic or has had heart surgery of any kind this can certainly lower his libido. Medications for Heart disease or depression can also lower the libido. See if you can get him for a good physical from your family doctor and be checked for thyroid (T3/T4 blood test), adrenal gland first. A dysfunctional thyroid or adrenal gland can create havoc with both men and women. You should be communicating more with your husband and asking him what is wrong. Lots of married couples can go through this problem.

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What happens during sexual intercourse?

During sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, the man places his penis inside the woman's vagina. This is known as vaginal intercourse. Sexual intercourse could refer to any type of sexual activity in which one partner penetrates another. Other "types" of sexual intercourse include anal intercourse and oral intercourse.

What happens during sexual intercauses?

During sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, the man places his penis inside the woman's vagina. This is known as vaginal intercourse. Sexual intercourse could refer to any type of sexual activity in which one partner penetrates another. Other "types" of sexual intercourse include anal intercourse and oral intercourse.

How do you motivate a girl for sexual intercourse?

You could send her some naughty texts (not pictures but just words of wanting her) which will exite her and the the topic of intercourse will natrually come up then. Otherwise tell her how beautiful she is and how you love her and treat her as if she is a diamond to you.

Could you be pregnant or is it in your head?

If you have had sexual intercourse with someone, then you could possibly be pregnant. If not, then you aren't.

Why is sexual abused used?

In most cases, sexual abuse is used to get your way in a relationship. An example could be if a man wanted to have sexual intercourse but his girlfriend/wife didn't want to, he would sexually abuse her instead of intercourse.

Could you be pregnant if you dont have the craving for anything to eat?

Yes, but only if you have had sexual intercourse.

What does Patrick name mean?

it means you are handsome and could have sexual intercourse with whoever you want

What could be the reason of uneven distribution of population in India?

it could be cozz the parents are wanting

If you were on antibiotics and missed a couple of pills could you be pregnant?

yes but not by the antibiotics, you would have to have had sexual intercourse to become pregnant

What is a salami sandwich?

A sandwich made with salami, could also be used in slang as a way to say sexual intercourse

Is it possible to be negative when your patner is HIV positive?

yes it is possible, but with every instance of sexual intercourse there is a possibilty you could contract HIV.

Could be pregnan if i had missed a menstrual period for 14 days?

If you have had sexual intercourse involving your vagina, there is a possibility, and you should take a test.

What is another name for mating?

Well, mating could be anything, human sexual intercourse could be marked as mating or humping or vulgar terms, some that you may know.

What should you do if your boyfriend kisses you suddenly?

When your boyfriend kisses you suddenly then you can kiss him back, but the next thing will be heavy petting that could lead to sexual intercourse so you need to let him know just how far you are willing to go. Never let anyone pressure you into sexual intercourse if you are not ready.

When kicked in the vagina is it possible to lose virginity?

No. Virginity has to do with having sexual intercourse. A kick in the crotch is not sexual. However, it could possibly break the hymen, but that doesn't mean you've lost your virginity.

What could be the reason for the semen to ooze out of vagina after the intercourse?

Because what goes up must come down, this is absolutely normal.

Can large animals reproduce asexually?

No, large animals can not reproduce asexually, because they have the physical ability to reproduce sexually, like a bear for instant's. The bear mates with another bear which is sexual intercourse and make's a cub (baby) which is sexual reproduction. If animal's could reproduce asexually, then they wouldn't need to have sexual intercourse with another bear in order to make a cub (baby).

Will virgin women get pregnant on their first time sexual intercourse?

It is entirely possible that pregnancy could occur if she is fertile. This is no different whether the woman is a virgin or not.

What is threesome?

A threesome is a sexual intercourse act that involves more than 1 person. It could be 2 guys and a lady or it can be with 2 ladies and a guy.

How could you use 'as a result of' in a sentence?

as a result of sexual intercourse, without using a condom, my wife is now up eh duff.

What does getting into someone mean?

Answer It could mean several things. One you could really dig someone and there-fore you are into them or it could mean that you are having sexual intercourse and there-fore you are entering them, getting into them means the same thing.

Girlfriend is 22 and Im 21 .Why wont my girlfriend have intercourse with me?

There could be a whole variety of reasons. One reason could be she is actually a virgin and a little scared. Another reason could be she is a virgin and waiting until marriage. There could also be religious reasons.

Can you be pregnant if your period is early and heavy?

If you did not engage in intercourse or some sort of activity that caused semen to come into contact with your genitalia, you are not pregnant. On the flip side, if you did engage in intercourse or sexual activity that caused your genitalia to come into contact with semen, you could be.Let me restate that: you can be pregnant if you have sexual intercourse. Even if you menstruate after intercourse, it is still possible you are pregnant. The only certain way to determine whether you are pregnant or not is to have your doctor conduct a laboratory pregnancy test; even the OTC tests can be fooled.

Is it illegal for you to be 13 and have a baby?

No, but it was illegal for you to have sexual intercourse before the age of consent. The father could be arrested and charged for rape. The authorities will be asking a lot of questions when they find out.

Could I be pregnant if I am on birth control and used the pull out method a couple days after my period?

I think sexual intercourse is relaxing ive done it 3 times but to answer your question no.