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IVs that are intentionally given just under the skin that cause the area to bubble up are known as Ringers and are used on a short term/quick fix basis . They are often given in cases of mild dehydration but can be also used to help flush the system, or to prevent dehydration from occuring. The area bubbles up because of the collection of fluid that accumilates under the skin. This is perfectly normal and should begin to disappear as the fluids are absorbed into the body.. Your dog is probably limping and whining because his leg is sore.. Perfectly normal, the injection site is often sore for approx. 24-48hrs after treatment. Your dog should be fine in a couple of days... However, if the symptoms presist for more than 48hrs and/or become severe please contact your vet immediately...... Kechara * I just wanted to add that the poster below is also correct.. IVs placed directly into the vein are used for all of the same reasons as those stated above however, they are more often used in treating more severe cases and/or when there is going to be a period of prolonged treatment and generally do not cause the bubbling up of the area. I would suggest that before taking either poster's advice find out whether the IV was suppose to be placed in the vein or not. Kechara This can happen to humans as well if a vein is missed. In more cases than not the needle has struck a nerve. If you rub the area where you think the dog got his IV (start from the muscle of the upper part of the leg and gently message downward) this will ease the discomfort. Continue this for a few days and if the dog is still limping then please see your vet. I had this happen once myself when I was in the hospital and it hurts like heck. It took a week or so for that nerve to settle down and when the nurse messed up and hit that nerve I hit the floor! Painful! Good luck Marcy

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Q: What could be wrong if the vet gave your dog an IV and it was not in the vein so it bubbled up and they changed it to the other leg and now he whines and limps on the first leg?
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