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Q: What could be wrong if you have pains in your ovaries?
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If you feel nauseous like you have to poop and have aches and pains what could be wrong?

Could be a stomach virus or food poisoning.

What does it mean when you get sharp stabbing pains in your ovaries on the left side but you are not on your period?

Sounds like an ovarian cyst I have them every month and thats what they feel like also you could be ovulating and sometimes that will cause those pains as well

What does it mean when you have sharp pains near your ovaries?

It is probably because you are ovulating (releasing an egg) which often causes sharp pains. However, if it is really painful (so painful that you can barely walk) you could have a cyst, which needs medical attention

Sharp pains in my stomach by my ovaries?

i have a sharp pain on the bottom of my left side. is that where the baby is?

If you have sharp pains in your ovaries and have been pooing lots?

uh oh see a doctor

Could you please tell me what is wrong with me as i have numbness and pains in my head everyday?

Go see your doctor. The symptoms you describe could be serious.

You have having pains on both sides of your ovaries and it feels like you are going to get your period what does that mean?

If you are having them between periods, you could be ovulating. Some women can feel when they are ovulating so you might be one of them.

Can you die from chest pains?

You can definitely die from chest pains. You could stop breathing or your heart could stop pumping because of these pains.

What could be wrong if you are not pregnant but you have a lot of stomach pains?

It could be gas, appendix, gall-bladder or who knows what else. The only real way to find out is to ask your physician.

What does it mean if you never ever had a period even if your 18 and up?

It could mean that there is something wrong with the ovaries, or the vagina. If this is the case for you, then you should consult a doctor about it.

What could be wrong with your mother if she has shooting sharp pains in her head leg and ear?

She could have a pinched nerve. Take her to the doctor to see if they can give her anything to help reduce the pain.

Your girlfriend is having chest pains and feeling sick all the time and has very sore ovaries and her preiod is due is she prengant?


What could be wrong with a cat if it has stomach pains?

probably something he/she ate, it is better to have a vet check it out that to guess, a cat's digestive system is very fragile.

What would cause pain in the lower right side of body?

If your a woman it could be your ovaries, like, a cyst on them or a tumor or it could just be pains from major body changes if you're pregnant. If it's none of those things, sometimes that happens to dehydrated people as well.

What causes you to need to have your ovaries to be removed?

You could have a cyst on your ovaries and the damage of the ovary can be permanent resulting in removal.

What could be wrong if you've had stomach pains for a while- mostly in the morning that become extremely painful when you lay down?

This could be symptoms of serious, even life-threatening, problems. I strongly suggest you seek professional medical care as soon as possible. Hello. I have no idea what the stomach pains could be but they do need investigating by a doctor.

Could you be feeling stomach pains 5 days after conception?

Yes, but technically you could also feel stomach pains before conception

Can you die from Chest pain?

You can definitely die from chest pains. You could stop breathing or your heart could stop pumping because of these pains.

What could cause pain in the ovaries?

an ovarion cyst

What could be wrong if you had a tubal 17 years ago and now feel pregnant and your ovaries sometimes hurt?

You should go to the doctor IMMEDIATLEY. This could be a sign of a tubal pregnancy or ovarian cancer. This is nothing to take your time on.

You have small multiple follicles in both ovaries can you conceive at this time?

i have small multiple follicles in both ovaries could i concieve at this time

I don't get my period every month what does this mean?

it means something can be wrong with your ovaries go to the doctor :)

Why do you have bad pains?

it could be something you ate or you pulled a muscle or slept the wrong way or medication is backfiring on you those are a few possibilities but you should ask your doctor and tell your parents

What causes pain below the belly button?

In females it could mean your pregnant. In male you could have something wrong with your reproductive system. Often it could be cramps. But if you are having pains in quadrant 4 it could be appendicitis. which would be your lower right half. consult with your doctor.

If your ovaries hurt could you be pregnant?

Yes you can but it can cause problems.