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Very well could be the ignition module but before replacing it check to see if you are getting spark to your plugs if so then that is not the problem . please include year make and model and motor to help answer these type of questions

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Q: What could be wrong if your car shut down while you were driving and it never turned back on?
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Your car turned off while driving and will not start what could it be?

You ran out of fuel

Should you listen to music while driving?

I'm not going to say you should, however this will help to fight fatigue. By the way it should never be turned up so loud that you could not hear a horn or a siren.

When can you use a cell phone while driving?


What are Some of the reasons that your driving privilege could be revoked?

This is different in different states, but your driving privileges could be revoked for too many tickets, multiple wrecks, driving while drunk, driving while texting, driving without insurance, committing a felony while driving, leaving the scene of an accident, running from police, failure to appear in court to answer for a ticket

Never do what on or near a railroad track while driving?

Stop the car!

How can texting while driving be a good thing?

It is never a good thing.

Is drunk driving worse than texting and driving?

Studies show that drunk driving and texting while driving both have around the same number of wrecks, injuries and deaths, which means they are equally dangerous, and never an okay think to do while driving.

How many situations can occur when driving one mile?

alot can occur.... you can never know what will happen while on the road... something could happen in a blink of a eye.:/

Having mixed emotions while driving could be?


What could cause a noise from tires while driving?

You could have blown your tire or it could have gone flat.

What causes a 1997 Nissan maxima to shut off while driving?

If you lost power while driving it could be the alternator. Its not charging your batter anymore

Is smelling gas while driving dangerous?

Smelling gas while driving could mean that your gas tank is leaking. You should definitely get it checked out.

What are possible causes for an 02' Mercury Sable to lose power while driving with either the AC or heat turned on?

== ==

What could cause a loud humming noise from the front passenger side when the steering wheel is turned to the right while driving?

Check your power steering pump A: check the front Left wheel bearing

Can heroin effect your driving?

are you seriously asking this question?......... ALL DRUGS affect your driving... Never drive while under the influence!

Who does texting while driving effect?

It could affect alot of people.

What can happen when distracted while driving?

You could crash and die or be arrested

Why would a pt cruiser start to stall when the air conditioner is turned on while driving?

Bc is not enough air in the intake....

What lights must be turned on while driving in the fog?

I don't use fog lights while driving in a foggy weather because I don't find it very useful at all. I just turn on my cars high beam lights.

Your 1990 buick lesabre has died while driving on several occasions recently the fan is running after you turn car off what could be the problem?

i had an 85 caddy that did the same thing.. It turned out to be a broken wire to the distributer

Is there supposed to be a humming nosie while driving a neon?

There can be a slight humming noise while driving a neon. This sound could come purely from the engine to indicate that it is running.

2000 gmc jimmy engine stalls while driving?

One reason that a 2000 GMC Jimmy engine stalls while driving could be your filter needing to be changed. The problem could also be a bad sensor.

What could cause a 1993 Galant to stall while driving?

I have a 95 galant that would just quit running at a stop or even driving it would just loose all electrical power. It turned out to be the cheap alarm system they put in it. when i removed the alarm it quit having the problem.

Is it legal to drive while taking 5 mg of vallium?

Not if you are mentally or physically impaired from it. Never take anything that could impair your ability to drive, or you will be charged with Driving While Impaired. If convicted, which you probably will be, you will lose your driver's license.

Why your steering wheel is shaking badly?

Usually when the steering wheel shakes badly while driving it could mean a few things. If it shakes only when you are applying the brakes, this means you have warped rotors and they will need to be turned or replaced. If it shakes just while driving, it could be that you have 1 or more tires that are unbalanced. Check this first before proceeding. It can also indicate that a wheel alignment and perhaps steering linkage repairs are necessary.