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Chicken pox tends to be more like little clusters of blisters, rather than red pustules. Check behind her ears to see if she has any spots or blisters there as they are nearly always present behind the ears. Also if your daughter has already had a bout of chicken pox it is quite unlikely that she has it again. I think you may need to get your daughter checked by your Dr to get a correct diagnosis. I've included some links for you to check what chicken pox looks like. Chicken%20Pox.ppt


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The abstract noun form of the verb to resemble is resemblance.

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No. The word resemble is a verb. It is not a preposition.

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The word you're looking for is anthropomorphic, which means manlike. There is no simple antonym for this word, although "that which does not resemble a humanoid" is the opposing definition.

Resemble means to look alike or look the same.

"Resemblance" is the noun form for the verb resemble.

That is the correct spelling for "resemble" (to appear similar).

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The abstract noun forms of the verb resemble are resemblance and the gerund, resembling.

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