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Unscrew the spark plug, connect the spark plug wire to it, and rest the spark plug on something metal (you might have to use a metal screw driver to link the spark plug to a metal part on your blower). Then yank the starter cord and make sure the spark plug produces spark. If it does not, replace spark plug.

Make sure there is Fresh fuel in the fuel tank - old fuel may lose its combustive properties. Make sure there is fresh oil in the engine. If the fuel is old, it will get in the way of your motor turning making it hard to start. Check to make sure air filter is not dirty. If it is, replace it. Finally, the problem could be with a carburetor. You might have to clean it out.

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Q: What could be wrong if your snowblower will not start?
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How can you get a operators manual for the MTD Yardmaster 8hp Electric Start Snowblower.?

If you go to the MTD website, their is a customer service tab you should click. After that you could fill out the search criteria for your snowblower, or click on the summary section #5 "Can I download a manual and/or part list?" You will need both the model and serial number which should be easily found on you equipment. Hope this helps!!