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Defective blower motor switch, or defective blower motor resistor pack.

2006-08-31 01:45:04
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How do I fix 1997 k1500 Chevy truck blower that only works on high fan setting?

The blower motor resistor pack is defective. Replace it.

Where is the blower resistor on a 1999 K1500 Suburban?

Attached to the blower motor under the passenger dash

Why does blower motor switch keep burning up on 99 k1500 suburban?

The blower motor is drawing to many amps, replace the blower motor.

What would cause your blower motor to work on only one speed on a 97 Chevy k1500?

If the one speed it works on is high speed, it is the blower motor speed resisitor that is bad.

Heat not working in 1999 K1500 Chevrolet Truck?

I would check any fuses/relays related to the heater or blower motor. If the heater fan doesn't work, could be a bad heater blower motor resistor(if has one) which are usually inline in the ductwork or out next to the heater blower motor under the hood. If the fan does work w/no heat then could possibly be a bad thermostat(stuck open) or control head.

Where is the blower motor relay on a 1997 Chevy K1500?

The blower motor relay is located behind the glove box compartment beside the blower motor resistor. When you remove the glove box compartment, just look to the left of the resistor and the relay is located directly beside it with a metal retaining frame holding both the resistor and the relay.

Will a 95 k1500 Chevy trans interchange with a 91 k1500?


What transfer case does your 95 Chevy k1500 have?

will a 95 chevy k1500 transfer case hook up to a 96 chevy k1500 transmission

How do you change a fuel pump on a 96 Chevy K1500?

easy way is to take the bed off and drop the gas tank fuel pump is setting on top.

What is the difference in c1500 and k1500?

c1500 is 2 wheel drive.k1500 is 4 wheel drive.

1990 Chevy k1500 front differential not working and its not the actuator or the transfer case any ideas?

Need one hell of a lot more information then this

Where is the location of the ac recirculation actuator on a 95 Chevy Silverado?

On my 1993 K1500 Silverado, it is behind the heater/ac blower assy. However, I can not find any info on how to get the assy apart, or where it is connected to the dash switch.

Is the transmission the same in a 97 Chevy k1500 5.7 as a 97 Chevy k1500 5.0?

YES. They are the same.

Is there a certain way to position the crank sensor on a K1500?

Is there a certain way to postition the crank sensor on a 97 k1500?

What does the ecm control on your Chevy k1500 silverado?

What all does the ECM computer control on my 2006 Chevy k1500 Silverado

What is the oil capacity on a -95 K1500 Suburban?

The gross weight rating capacity on your 1995 K1500 suburban is stated at 3000 pounds. The towing capacity of your 1995 K1500 is stated at 7500 pounds.

Can you use headers made for a 5.7L 1996 Chevy k1500 on a 5.0L 1996 Chevy K1500?

Yes thank you very much!

Where can you find EGR diagram for a 90 GMC-K1500?

in a chiltons or hanes manual located at any auto parts store

Will a Chevy transmission from a 1996 k1500 with a 305 V8 fit a 1996 k1500 with a 350 V8 engine?

YES, That is a direct swop.

Will a 1992 Chevy K1500 cab fit a 1995 Chevy K1500 pickup?

YES, All the cabs are the same from 1988 to 1999

If you can put true daul exhaust on a 5.7L Chevy k1500 can you do the same on a 5.0L Chevy k1500 with out messing up needed back pressure you need good tips for dauling out your 1996 5.0L k1500?

take it to midas muffler

Will 1998 k1500 grill fit a 1989 k1500?

yes it will fit they are an exacty exchange anything from the new body style 1988 to 1998

What does it mean when you hear a clunking noise when your K1500 automatic transmission shifts gears and it appears to happen when accelerating slowly and not when accelerating faster?

A clunking noise when shifting gears on a K1500 automatic transmission, might mean a problem with the drive axle or drive shaft. Check all U-Joints to make sure they are working properly.

1996 Chevy K1500 4-wheel drive not working?

My 1997 needed an accuator. Purchased one on eBay for 65.00. It is easy to change it screws out and has a two wire plug.

Does a 1998 Chevy K1500 have lockers?

No it does not SORRY