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What could be wrong with a 91 Geo that wants to stall and not go when you put it in 1st or 2nd gear but after 2nd gets speed on up runs great?


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2005-10-05 21:20:12
2005-10-05 21:20:12

I had a 93 Geo Metro that started off doing that then got worse. Needed a new cadalidic converter and muffler...all exhaust issues. I let it go for too long and made the situation very expensive.


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1989 Nissan Sentra Wagon 5 Speed intermittently wants to die out. Unless I give it gas it will stall. It will start back up again, with the same problem until problem stops. No pattern to diagnose.

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if an auto trans-in gear 550 <-it should speed up when you put it in park that should be 650---start with 550 in park--put into gear-if it wants stall turn it up 2942E6B7-0D26-E667-F7DC-E162A40E3ADF 1.03.01

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