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What could be wrong with the backup lights if is not the fuses or bulbs?


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2006-07-10 16:27:47
2006-07-10 16:27:47

Try checking the neutral safety switch. This switch is the one in automatic transmissions that makes the backup lights "flip" on when going from park to drive as you go through the gears. When my neutral safety switch shorted my backup lights stayed on constantly.

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Check Fuses, Replace Bulbs, Replace Shift Position Sensor. End of solution

check your bulbs and fuses check your bulbs and fuses

Could be a couple of problems, one lose wire in pig tail harness, but since you say its both back up lights it may be a relay switch when you place into reverse the switch does not respond to activate the lights

you could have possibly bought the wrong bulbs and/or fuses. or when you were replacing them you may have damaged the wires. Also the reverse light switch may be defective.

If all the fuses and bulbs are new and work properly, the lights could be malfunctioning due to a short in the wiring. The wiring may also be damaged or burned out in places.

the bulbs are probably burnt out, though it could be a bad connection or sensor or fuse or sveral other things. check the bulbs and fuse first though check your bulbs, fuses, and connections,

Could be the bulbs or the fuses or the flashers or the signal switch assembly

Check the fuses Check the backup switch Check the wiring - make sure that there is good contact.

Check the bulbs. If these are OK it could be the switch on the brake pedal arm.

Start with checking the fuses and bulbs. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

Brake pedal switch, wiring, bulbs, bad trailer harness (if there), fuses...

Bad bulbs ?- they are double filamented with the larger being for the tailights Bad switch?

on some cars the tail lights and brake lights are totally different bulbs gain access to the bulbs and have someone push the brakes so that you can determine which bulbs are the brake lights and replace the tail lights

fuses are blown, or bulbs are blown

Have you checked the fuses and bulbs?

you should try checking the fuses and replacing the bulbs the fuses for thos lights should only be about a 10 or a 15

Working brake lights are important for safety reasons while driving. It is important to check all of the wiring, if the brake lights are not working and the fuses and bulbs have been checked.

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