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The problem is the electronic flasher relay. The factoy one is a green, one and a half inch cubed relay located under the drivers side dashboard left of the steering column. The relay is on the top of housing of fuses and relays. You can pick one up at Advanced Auto Parts, or other auto parts stores. The cost was around $16. Just finished fixing my Durango. Good luck.Is the problem in only one direction, or both? If it's a single direction, it could be a bulb. Sometimes bulbs "partially" blow and the filament does not completely separate. In these cases the turn signal might work ok on a smooth road but not work on a bumpy road or other times when vibration causes the filament ends to separate completely. If the problem is with both right and left signals, it could be the turn signal switch on the steering column.
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Q: What could be wrong with the turn signals on a 2000 Dodge Durango if they only work intermitently and replacing the diode and circuit breaker but did not help?
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