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Throwing up is not a good thing, they are sick and if you can afford it, you need to take them to a vet. Guinea Pigs are considered an exotic pet, some vets do not treat them, so call around.

Are you giving your Guinea pigs Vitamin C drops in their water daily? This is very very important for their health. Thier bodies do not produce Vitamin C.

I hope you are not feeding them head lettuce this will make them very ill.

They love carrots, romaine lettuce, and baby spinach leaves.

Also, regarding their bedding material. I hope you are not using cedar chips; this can be toxic to small animals who are in an inclosed area. Pine chips are so much better. You can purchase the pine chips at Walmart.

AnswerUm...well you know nothing good ever comes of throwing up! ;) I hope you know Guinea Pigs are not like Hamsters. Hamsters don't really need Vitamin C. Actually, it hurts them if you give them it! (Don't give hamsters citrus fruits!) But Guinea Pigs need it. That's why ever Guinea owner puts 2 drops of Vitamin C drops PER OUNCE daily in the Guinea Piggy's water. :) If your not doing anything wrong (that you know of) you should try and get them to a vet!

P.S person above me, thanks for the tip! :o I never knew it mattered what kind of lettuce you gave them!!! (good thing I got my Guinea yesterday!) ;)



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Making noise is a way for Guinea Pigs to express themselves. Depending on the noise they could be scared, joyful, nervous, or even aggressive. Knowing which noises mean which can give you a heads up as to what your guinea pig is feeling at the moment. In a way this is essentially their way of talking to you and other guinea pigs.

It may be sick, or its just chewing food. But just in case i would call a vet, it may have some kind of sickness that injures or even kills the animal.

Guinea pigs naturally have curved spines, and don't try to straighten them- you could break them; they are fragile. If your guinea pig is making pain noises, I would take him to the veterinarian. But, guinea pigs make several noises, so I wouldn't be too worried.

They could be sniffing in the air to make a noise

it may just be a cold like a flu or fever or it can just mean it has food stuck in its teeth but just to be safe pleaz bring it to a vet if you do not it MAY leave Problems so rush there it may just heal by itself

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At when you first get your guinea pig he or she will be very quite because he or she is nervous but after a week or month he or she will be making alot of noise.

frogs and toads possibly burping

It could mean they are in pain- if so consult a vet. Or they could just have a very calm personality. Also, loud sounds scare guinea pigs. If your guinea pig does not jump around or make noise, he could be deaf.

It is either frightened or excited. Maybe it has seen something like a fox?

This means a guinea pig is experiencing pleasure, enjoyment, or excitement. You will hear this noise when you pet your guinea pig or feeding it a treat. If you hear this noise suddenly when you are not petting your guinea pig it is afraid or it feels threatened. They purr if they hear a loud noise: a telephone ring or a knock on the door.

That wheezing noise could be a sign of a respiratory (breathing) infection, Which can become serious and if not treated fatal.

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Its normal, Guinea pigs dont make noises if they are sleeping or playing. Scaring, Annoying and other stuff makes guinea pigs make noise. -Gmixer

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Possibly, most of the time they make that noise if they get excited, frightened, or want attention from something.

the crunching noise simply mean that the guinea pig (pigs) are happy and enjoying whatever they ar doing

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You will hear them making a noise. Or you can just inspect them.You will hear them making a noise. Or you can just inspect them.

Guinea pigs make lots of noises for many different reasons! Most of the time, they are just talking to each other--making cooing noises to comfort one another, small squeaks, etc. If a guinea pig is squealing when you walk by, then she might need attention--maybe the food is out or she is just lonely and wants to play.

I used to have guinea pigs to, and they do just squeak on and on forever intill u guve them food, but then after, they squeak again. What I've thought is that's just their way of talking to each other.

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