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distributor is likely bad

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Q: What could cause a 1993 ford probe to have no spark but your gas pump works?
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If Ford probe 93 wont start but the starter works good could be a mass air flow sensor the problem?

it could be anything from that basic discription....start with the big 3. Air, Fuel, Spark...this is the basic mechanics of gas engines and life blood. do some basic testing to see if you have those three and you will get a better idea where the problem is to start making your autozone parts guesses

How does spark plug works?

A spark plug works by using a high voltage energy pulse. The electricity arcs the gap between the anode and trhe cathode creating a spark. The spark ignites the fuel / air mixture in the cylinder.

Does the ngk bpm8y spark plug cross over to champion spark plug?

CJ7Y works with no issues.

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Why don't my wipers work on my mustang?

common cause is the wiper motor. Could hotwire it to see if it works or not. If not that then could be the multifunction switch.

Only high speed works on your blower motor of a 1996 jeep...what could be the cause?

Most likely cause is a failed blower resistor.

How does spark stream work?

well a spark stream is electricity so whatever it is it works from electricity :) x

What could cause my washer fluid syster to now work on a 1997 Saturn SW2?

If it now works it could be a bad connection to the sprayers.

2000 Ford Falcon wont start has fuel compression spark and starter motor works but wont fire it was working?

it could me bad fuel ..or fuel pump

Do you need to change your spark plug wires if you changed your distributor?

Yes, if the spark plug wires can be connected to the distributor and works.

1987 Honda TRX 250X Spark Plug Gap?

It is a 18 mm socket that works to get the spark plug out, it took me a while to figure it out.

You have an 03 Monte Carlo the heater only works when you accelerate what could cause this?

Maybe low coolant level

Why is metal used to make drawing pins or staples?

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Where do the spark plugs wire go in your 94 Honda civic dx?

It is important to know how the engine of a car works. In a car, the spark plug cables connect to the vehicles spark plugs.

Where in the electrical system on a ford probe will cause the fan to stop even though there is electric at the fan and at the fan speed switch and a new fan resistor ac will work heating system works?

Should be thermostat controlled-meaning it is supposed to stop at times

How the spark ignition engine works?

As gas flows into the ignition box, a spark is made, igniting the gasoline and the explosion starts driving the pistons.

Where can UK spark plug cross reference information be found?

UK spark plug cross reference information can be found on the instructions when purchasing a cross spark plug that works in the UK, or on websites that provide information on cross spark plugs.

How does a automatic spark ignitor work on a gas appliance?

An automatic spark ignition (igniter) works by allowing a spark to come on at the same time the gas comes on. The spark ignition module is inside the burner area. The burner should then light.

How spark plug works at cars?

The Air/Fuel mixture enters the cylinder, and at the moment the piston is close to top dead center, the spark plug fires creating a spark across the electrode. This spark ignites the mixture of Fuel & Air and forces the piston down. This downward motion is transformed into a rotating motion by the crankshaft which drives the vehicle through a transmission. The spark plug is basically a device that is used to ignite the fuel and cause an explosion within the cylinder. BTW, a diesel engine does not have a spark plug. The fuel/air is ignited by compressing the mixture to the point that it explodes.

Car wont start new alternator new battery new starter fuel pump works distritbutor works spark plugs are fine?

The engine needs compression, fuel and spark to run, you are missing one of those.

My 1988 Mercedes benwont start. The lights on the dashboard as well as the headlights works. Had it jumped and also put another starter and still wont start What could be wrong Thank yo?

could be bad spark plug{s{ or wires from your plugs,

1989 mercury grand marquis will not start it will turn over has fuel to injecter but no spark ignition?

pre-heat spark plug, if this works then replace it.

What kind of spark-plug is needed for snapper lawnmower model 214XIP?

I have a Snapper 214XIP and it has had a DENSO W20M-U spark plug in it. It works GREAT!!!

What is similar to a gasoline engine except it has no spark plugs?

A diesel engine has the same internal components and works off of compression ignition, not spark ignition.

How come your 1995 eagle talon esi has trouble starting when you turn the key you can see the rpm go up and down three or four times then finally starts if you turn it off then on again it works fine?

id change the spark plugs and wires, could be worn out not throwing out enough spark