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Have you checked to see if you still have any oil in your engine? If you have oil in it, check the color of your oil, for a shade of green. Also check the color of your coolant, if it's dirty brown, and little round spots on the top, this means your head gasket is shot. What happens is, anti-freeze mixes with the oil inside the block. Oil and Anti-Freeze DO NOT mix at all, the Anti-Freeze pulls the oil away from the pistons, and increases block heat, and decreases lubrication. Also, stick your hands on the top of you intake manifold while knocking, if you can directly feel something hitting the top, you may need to have your lifters or rockers re-torqued.

2006-09-11 06:57:36
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Q: What could cause a 1994 unlimited buick Lasabre engine to make a knocking noise and for the car to shut off or barley eccelerate?
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