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What could cause a burning or pinching feeling in your ankle?

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==Neuropathy, perhaps== Tingling, burning, numbness, and strange-feeling pain are all signs of neuropathy. The symptoms are often intermittent, although they can be constant. Conventional doctors are not usually helpful in those situations. See a chiropractor.

2006-08-28 02:45:53
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Q: What could cause a burning or pinching feeling in your ankle?
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Can a pacemaker cause a burning pinching sensation?

pace maker burning in chest at night when i turn over in bed.

Can pinching the skin cause cancer?

No. Pinching the skin cannot cause cancer. While the direct cause of cancer is relatively unknown, it is known that bumps, bruises, and yes, even pinching the skin, cannot be the culprit. Cancer is the abnormal division and formation of cells in the body. While pinching your skin may cause bruising and pain, it will not cause skin cells to mass produce abnormally.

What would cause a pinching and burning pain on the left side of your body?

pinching and burning pain on left side of the body and which may move backward to the left shoulder,is due to gastritis(inflammation of stomach),or due to gatric ulcer,so you should have test for it or have endoscopy,and take medicine as doctor advise like antacids,antibiotics and mucosal protection drugs.

Would a popliteal nerve block cause lack of toe movement following ankle surgery?

It did for me, i dont have any feeling in foot or side of leg where block was at. doctor said i have neuropithy from popiteall block. Had to have a brace made because i have no feeling in ankle, so i fall. Very scarey.

What can cause constant arm pain?

Pinching of the brachioradialis nerve.

What happens to your bones in your ankle when you have a spraind ankle?

nothing happens to your bones when you sprain your ankle as far as I know 'cause when your sprain your ankle you're stretching the liagaments nothte bones But you can damage the bone some how during an ankle sprain 'cause I did it some how don't know though

Is it good to rub a fractured ankle?

no it is not good because it will cause more damage to the ankle and that is not good!

What cause burning eyes?

Usually the main cause of burning is dryness and/or allergies.

Does pinching the skin cause any damage?

Strongly pinch your skin with your fingernail will cause a small damage to your skin, which is a cut.

What STD can cause burning and discharge?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea commonly cause burning and discharges.

Can saw palmetto cause ankle soreness?


Can shingles cause stomach aches?

Yes shingles can cause stomach aches. The virus can also cause pain, rash, fever, headache, chills, and a deep burning feeling. If you experience these symptoms you should consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

What might cause a burning feeling in your thumb?

For a week now, I have been feeling a burning sensation to my thumb and index finger tip. Could this have any relation to any ailment or disorder? I'm just curious, as finger tips are nerve endings which are connected to different organs in our body. Please, I need an answer. Thanks in advance.

Is my swollen ankle casued by peroneal tendonities?

Yes, peroneal tendonitis can cause swelling of the ankle, but can also be caused by inflammation due to another ankle injury which has caused the swelling.

Is pinching child abuse?

No, pinching is not child abuse unless someone does it to really inflict some damage and pinch the child very hard for extended amount of time to cause a more serious injury.

Would pinching the tip of your penis while urinating cause bleeding?

If you pinch it and you're Edward Scissorhands.

Can running frequently be the cause of an ankle injury?

Yes it can. Ankle sprains are very common in runners. I would suggest running with an ankle brace on and alternating walking and running in your exercise routine.

What causes a slight pain or pinching in the upper left side of my chest?

If a person feels a slight pain or pinching on the left side of their chest, it could be heartburn. Heartburn is cause my acid in the stomach and spicy foods.

What are some causes of ankle pain?

A very common cause of ankle pain is a sprain, which occurs when the ankle joint is subjected to forceful twisting or bending. Some causes: Arthritis, tendonitis and fractures.

What to put on a twisted ankle?

If the ankle is twisted then you should apply a cold pack or ice to the ankle. And an important thing to remember is if you twist your ankle whilst wearing boots with ankle support, you should try and leave the boot on as it will be containing the swelling; and taking it off could cause further swelling.

Could a urinary tract infection cause a tingling sensation at the end of urnination?

Yes, a urinary tract infection could cause tingling or burning when urinating. Other symptoms of URI include a feeling of pressure and urinary frequency.

Can too much salt cause ankle swelling?

Yes, consuming too much salt can cause ankle/foot swelling. Because over consumption will cause the body to retain more water, the ankles can swell from the water retention.

Is the IUD sup-post to feeling like a poking burning pain?

No, the IUD should not cause a poking, burning pain. If you are having this kind of pain, avoid sex or use a backup method of birth control until you can confirm that the IUD is in place.

Why does my sprained ankle have a lot of swelling but not a lot of pain?

cause your tough

Can a sprained ankle cause death?

Yes, it is possible to die from complications caused by a sprained ankle. Such complications include a blood clot forming in the ankle and causing a blood clot in the brain, lungs or heart.