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What could cause a grinding noise in a 1990 Dodge truck that seems related to the speedometer?


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2005-05-07 19:57:00
2005-05-07 19:57:00

If the grinding sound seems to be coming from the speedometer and grinds faster as your speed increases, the likely cause is the speedometer cable. At least some 1990 Dodge trucks (mine) have electric speedometers Len


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The rear axle speed sensor is the usual cause of an inoperative speedometer.

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The grinding noise in the front of a 1990 Dodge Caravan could be a cv joint. If it is, it probably only grinds when you take a sharp turn. There is one located on each side.

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speedometer cable is gummed up inside the housing.Remove cable from speedometer.Pull out inner cable. Lubricate with good grease and install.

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