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Sounds like regular cramps to me. A lot of women get pretty harsh cramps around or during their periods. If they are very severe or you are concerned, you should talk to a doctor. When you have your period, you uterus is having contractions. Sort of like a very mild form of the contractions during childbirth. Some people recommend taking Advil, Tylenol, or Mydol, and some people claim taking medicine makes the cramps more intense the next time you have your period. I, personally, need my Advil! My daughter has the same problem and the pain is so severe that she ended up in the ER. She says the pain usually last for at least 3 days. They told her that she had a cyst on both of her ovaries ( the cyst are larger than her ovaries ) and that a lot of women get them when they have their periods and when their periods are over the cysts will shrink. If you continue to have painful periods go to your Dr. and have him exam you. Mine was caused by endometriosis that eventually required two surgeries to remove the growth and then a hysterectomy. It could be normal cramps or cysts as well. If it is severe and is disruptive to your life it is not something you have to live with. Even if it is "normal" and you are perfectly healthy there are still options to help lessen your discomfort. I would talk to your GYN about it and see what options are available. They can include stretching/exercise, pain pills (like Advil or my favorite Aleve), hormone pills (like Birth Control) that help regulate your period and for many women reduce or eliminate cramps, or heating pads. Whatever is comfortable and effective for you. Sometimes the fallopian tube may be narrow and cause some problems, or if the person is stressed their abdominal muscles are tense and can cause cramps. If this continues with each period then you should see your Gynecologist for a check-up to be sure everything is OK and you don't have cyst.

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Q: What could cause a lower abdominal pain that goes to the lower back all the timand severe cramping during periods?
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Are cramps normal durning your first few weeks of pregnancy?

Hi, Yes abdominal cramping is normal during early pregnancy unless the cramping becomes severe. In cases of severe cramping, then you must contact your doctor.

What could cause a lower abdominal pain that goes to the lower back all the time and severe cramping during periods?

This could be caused by several things. If it is period cramping, it is happening because the uterus is contracting. This is the same thing that happens during labor, although not nearly as strong.

How many women suffer from severe cramping during their menstrual periods?

About 10% of women who have this type of dysmenorrhea cannot work, attend school, or participate in their normal activities.

Why do you have pelvic pain and frequent periods?

If you are having irregular periods and moderate to severe abdominal pain you should probably see a gynecologist.

What are symptoms of significant intestinal obstruction due to adhesions?

severe abdominal pain and cramping nausea and vomiting abdominal distension (swelling) constipation and the inability to pass gas symptoms of dehydration.

Is it possible to be pregnant and have cramping or is the cramping from your polycistic ovary syndrome?

It is very normal to have some cramping during pregnancy. If it is severe or continues for a long period of time, see your doctor.

What are the symptoms of a femoral hernia in children?

In young children, symptoms of an incarcerated femoral hernia include severe irritability, abdominal pain, cramping, and vomiting.

What are symptoms of bowel strangulation due to adhesions?

severe abdominal pain, either cramping or constant abdominal distension due to the inability to pass stool and gas an extremely tender abdomen signs of systemic (body-wide) illness

You are 7 weeks along should you be having hip and pelvic pain It feels like pulled muscles everytime you get up and walk?

No you shouldn't be having severe or uncomfortable pain. Abdominal cramping is normal during pregnancy providing it isn't severe or very uncomfortable. See your Doctor for a check up.

Does Spotting Consist of Severe Cramping?


What does it mean if you are anally expelling large amounts of blood and have bad abdominal cramping?

It means that you should go to the hospital immediately, because it sounds like you have a severe internal injury.

What can cause severe cramping during menstrual cycles?

Women with severe menstrual pain have higher levels of prostaglandin in their menstrual blood than women who do not have such pain.

Can small pains that come and go be signs of a miscarriage?

Severe abdominal pain & bleeding is always experience during a miscarriage. Small abdominal pains can be a indication of problems & you should seek a doctors opinion on this. Severe abdominal pains require A&E. However mild abdominal pains are very common during early pregnancy & in the majority of cases are not a threatened miscarriage.

Can endometriosis cause severe abdominal pain?

Yes. Some common signs and symptoms of endometriosis include: Pelvic pain Painful intercourse Painful urination Painful bowel movements during your period Severe abdominal pain before and after your period Lower back pain Heavy periods or spotting between periods Fatigue There are a number of treatments available. They include surgery to remove the endo, pain medications, drugs that affect the hormonal system, and hysterectomy.

How do you know if iam pregnant?

If you are past puberty and sexually active without birth control, chances are you can get pregnant. Symptoms will be nausea and breast tenderness and missed periods. You can use and over the counter pregnancy teast if you are having these symptoms or go see your doctor, particularlly if you develop abdominal pain or severe bleeding and cramping.

What are symptoms of spider bites?

Some symptoms of black widow spider bites are pain around the site of the bite moving to the back or chest. Excessive sweating and abdominal cramping. Brown recluse spider bite symptoms are severe cramping, a ulcer at the site of the bite.

What are the side effects of olestra?

According to P&G, the side effects are "abdominal cramping and loose stools". According to consumers who have tried the products, the side effects include severe diarrhea and intense abdominal pain and gastrointestinal distress. It is NOT worth trying this product!

How do you if the symptoms you are having are your period or an ectopic pregnancy?

With an ectopic pregnany there will be severe pain on only one side of your lower abdominal. (where your fallopian tube is) Also there could be other symptoms such as fever, vomiting, nausua, and bleeding. But your period has cramping across your abdominal region and an ectopic pregnancy has SEVERE pain in one area, left or right side.

Sick from moldy cake?

The answer to your question is yes you can get very sick. Abdominal cramping, fever, loose stools. Some cases death has occured from symptoms developing into a severe case of food poisoning.

What are the symptoms to food poisning?

Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea. Seek medical attention if you have these symptoms. Severe dehydration can result leading to even more serious health issues, and/or death.

What is the cause of severe abdominal pain?

Call your doctor and explain the symptoms to them. If it is not during your doctor's regular hours and the pain is severe, you should consider going to the ER.

Cramping at 10 weeks pregnant?

some mild cramping can be expected as your uterus grows bigger ( round ligament pain) but any cramping accompanied by blood should be immediately reported to your doctor. If you are worried call your doctor, that is what they are there for. Cramping during pregnancy is normal hun. But if your concerned or the cramping is more severe than usual for you, then go to ER.

What would cause all over abdominal pain at 31 weeks severe cramping unable to move also hurts to touch my stomach even slightly please help im scared?

Mine was a torn ligament.

Can you experience cramping if pregnant?

Yes. If it becomes severe call your dr.

Is sever abdominal pain at 32 weeks pregnant normal?

No, severe abdominal pain is never normal! Call the doctor or go to the hospital. No, severe abdominal pain is never normal! Call the doctor or go to the hospital.