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The pads may be worn out. have it checked out.

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Q: What could cause a noise on the right front braking system of a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?
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What system are brakes from?

brakes are the braking system It could be a part of the control system It has a hydraulic system in the braking system

Why does the ABS light come on on 2004 Mercury Mountaineer?

Could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem with the anti-lock brakingsystemA malfunction has been detected with your anti-lock braking system . It could be afuse , a sensor , or some other problem

What causes sponginess in hydraulic braking system?

It could be several things, anything from a bad master cylinder, air in the system, or maybe a leak.

My 90 Jeep Cherokee surges at idle and sometimes stalls but runs fine once you are going what could cause this?

My 89 jeep Cherokee surges at idle and sometimes stalls but runs fine once you are going what could cause this?

Will a blown head gasket cause your jeep Cherokee to over heat?

Yes it could.

When inspecting a vehicle braking system which component could be checked for serviceability by measuring with a micrometer?

Brake rotors and brake drums.

What would cause a knocking sound from front left of car when braking and gets louder and faster as you apply more brake?

Disc--Probably warped rotor but could be malfunctioning ABS system. Drum--Probably need brake linings adjusted but could be malfunctioning ABS system. Pull wheel or see mechanic.

ABS light is on and stays on the back right turn signal is out could this be the problem?

ABS Warning LightWhen the instrument panel icon for the anti-lock braking system turns on is usually an indication that something is wrong within the braking system, which is serious enough to require that a qualified brake technician troubleshoots the system.The turn signals have nothing to do with the anti-lock braking system!!!!!Get your vehicle to a qualified [preferably Certified] brake technician before continued use can severely damage components of the system.Even worse is the possibility that the fault in the system could result in a serious, possibly fatal collision.

What would cause my new to me Mazda 1989 929 to vibrates while accelerating and braking?

Wheel hubs or bearings or could be the CV shafts.

Van shakes when braking?

Vibration when applying brakes is most likely warped rotors. Another cause could be loose caliper bolts.

What causes the ABS light to stay on?

The ABS light might stay on because of a sensor issue. The braking system of most vehicles has several sensors that can cause the light to come on and stay on. This could also be a problem with brake pads or calipers.

What makes a car jerk?

This could be the cause if an improper alignment if it happens under normal straight line driving. If the jerk is more prevalent when going on bumpy roads, it may be a sign of bad shocks or springs. If the jerk is occurring during braking situations, the problem may be related to the bearings being worn or warped discs/drums in the braking system.

Why does your grand Cherokee limited make grinding noise when you accelerate?

A worn front wheel bearing could cause a Grand Cherokee Limited to make a grinding noise when you accelerate. There could also be a problem with one of the shafts.

What could cause a 95 altima man to squeek at random times turning and braking?

Brake pads worn or dirt lodged in brake pad

What could cause different temperatures on sides of the body?

Something that has hit the central nervous system could cause this.

What is braking?

Braking is the action of applying pressure, in an attempt to stop an object. This could be a car, bike, scooter ect.

What is a vac leak?

This could be short for a vacuum leak in, say, a vehicle's fuel/air mixture inlet system or in the braking system of a train or a truck that uses vacuum-operated brakes.

What would cause a 92 Toyota to rumble at fast deceleration?

if it is vibration when braking, it is most likely warped brake discs ,which can be skimmed using a lathe or by replacing. if it is vibration when not braking & coming off the power it could be wear in an inner cv joint

What would cause a 2000 jeep Cherokee sport to stall while stopped in traffic but restart with no problem?

There could be a few reasons why a 2000 Jeep Cherokee would stall in stopped traffic. There could be a fuel line clogged or there could be a bad spark plug.

Why does my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee keep dying and won't turn over for me?

it could be the factory alarm system

Why is your 91 Cherokee 4L sport turning over slowly for a bit til it finally barely starts and the charging system is fine?

With your limited info there could be many reasons but first have you tested the cold cranking amps on the battery? The charging system may be fine but if the battery is going it could cause the problem your describing.

When you start your car it vibrates and shakes why?

there could be several reasons for this problem the most likely being an alignment problem, if it occurs only when your braking it is probably warped rotors or out of round drums depending on your braking system bad spark plugs or wires

How serious of a problem is a ABS light on a 96 ford truck?

That indicates that a malfunction has been detected with the anti-lock braking system , but if the " brake " light in your dash is not on , you still have " normal " braking ( it could be anything from a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem )

Why is my 1990 Jeep Cherokee experiencing a lot of pressure in top radiator hose what could be the cause?

Perhaps thermostat is not opening

What sensor in 2002 Jeep Cherokee will shut off motor?

Just about all of the engine sensors could cause it to not run.