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you don't have enough ram or memory If you take off your start-up programs, it may help. On windows XP go to the start button, run and type in msconfig. At the top of the window there are tabs choose the tab that says start-up. Uncheck everything it will not harm your computer. Click apply then ok. It will tell you to reboot your computer when it reboots a window will appear that states "You are using selective start-up" there is a box in the middle of the window that says "Do not show this messge again" click that. Open up internet explorer at the top go to tools then go down to windows updates, follow the on-screen instructions. When complete reboot your computer and do the windows updates again. Do this a few times to make sure nothing is missing. Right click on the internet explorer icon on your desktop and go to properties, click delete cookies, click delete files, click clear history, change the history to 2 days. Doing any of these steps may make your computer freeze if you have never done it before. Next to the delete files button says "settings" click it move the slider bar to the highest it will go, click apply. Also go to and download the latest updates

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Q: What could cause an Inspiron 1100 notebook to perform slowly on gaming sites like pogo after reinstalling Windows XP numerous times?
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It is good.

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When reinstalling windows does it wipe out everything that was pre-installed?

Yes of course

What if your friend has a Windows 98 notebook computer and has purchased Windows XP and installed it as an upgrade on his notebook He calls to tell you about the upgrade and says that he cannot connec?

Perform a clean install of Windows XP.

Why are most of the newer dell inspiron i7 laptops are coming without Windows 7 installed?

Because Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows, not Windows 7.

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get the bluetooth driver of inspiron 1520 and install it.. it worked just fine for me...

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You could try changing it from BIOS settings, my dell inspiron laptop has an option there. There is also a setting on windows mobility center (press windows logo button + x).

What Windows 98 feature allows a notebook user to synchronize files on a notebook and desktop computer?

My Briefcase

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You should install the driver for your sound card.

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Usually reinstalling the graphic card drivers solves the issue of game installing problems in windows vista. If not solved by reinstalling the graphic drivers, it is recommended to check microsoft site and see whether there is an update package available for windows vista.

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Don't use Windows use Linux Ubuntu

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Yes, it will.

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Try reinstalling the driver for the CD drive

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By using the Windows partitioner to make space by reszing partitions and installing Windows, then reinstalling the Linux bootloader. It is generally considered better form to install Windows first and then Linux.

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What OS is in a notebook computer?

usually it's MS Windows

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Yep, I just checked on mine.

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Try reinstalling the drivers.

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If the motherboard which you are going to replace is of the same type with the motherboard which you want to put in, then you don't need to reinstall Windows, if it's not you have to.

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You have enough options to get a Windows 7 notebook computer around $500. Some of the models/ brands of Windows 7 notebook computer that cost sub $500 and their prices are: MSI A5000 for $419, Toshiba Satellite L555D for $499, Toshiba Satellite L515 for $449 and Toshiba Satellite T115 for $429.

Do Inspiron laptops need some type of system to work?

No, Linux and windows both work fine

If you reinstall windows does it erase your hard drive?

Reinstalling Windows will not erase the hard drive unless you tell it to reformat the hard drive before reinstalling the operating system. You will have to reinstall all your programs that were installed prior to reinstall but all your saved files will still be there.

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You may be missing some codex in your Windows Media player. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your Windows Media player to correct the problem.